The day has finally come when I got an introduction to Helix, the new big rollercoaster at Liseberg. I’ve been waiting for this day from my second week at work which was more than a month ago now. It’s not just that I want o work on that awesome attraction, but now I will be a bigger part of this group of people who work on Berget. I am now one of those who can complain about how boring it is to be on it every hour of the day and be a part of the conversations about all the crazy things that’s going on there. For example, today, during my introduction there was someone in the platform, right before boarding the train, who peed themselves. That would never happen on Höjdskräcken. I am not gonna complain though, I will check the safety restraints as good ergonomically as I can and since I’ve been looking forward to this for so long, I don’t think I am allowed to complain actually. I am excited anyway! In total I only had the one hour introduction and 1,5h of working on the platform with someone walking beside me. I will probably get introduction phase 2 tomorrow and after that I will cover my own position until I have the test in a few days. Part of the education on an attraction is going on the ride. My spontaneous side popped up and I jumped on the train without really thinking it through. I was hoping that I wouldn’t feel sick, but if course not. I felt a bit nauseated for probably three hours after…

It’s nice to have something else than the typical amusement park attraction where you check the safety restraints, press the buttons and watch the ride go. This is a rollercoaster, more things happen, and of course the principal is exactly the same as the “typical amusement park attraction”, but it feels different. And it was fun being on education again, it’s been a while. I think the next attraction I will get is Balder, one of the other big roller coasters. I am not sure when that is gonna happen though since that area barely need any people from the pool.

The day went by extremely fast, probably because I only had six hours of work, 4-11pm. Tomorrow it will be longer. I was called today at work and asked if I could work an extra hour tomorrow. Nemas problemas! I need the money, so instead of working 11am-8pm I will be working 1pm-11pm. Yay, money!

After work I went home to mom’s. She is away in England again for the week and my brother wanted to sleep at his girlfriend’s place and asked me nicely if I could stay at mom’s and take care of the cats. Of course, I am a nice sister. And I like my cats and probably should take every opportunity I can to see them while I still can. One of them isn’t feeling very well and I had to wipe up four throw-ups right when I got here. Poor thing!

Now I will go to bed, I am so tired and with no computer game distracting me I will probably get a few hours of sleep. I hope it’s nice weather tomorrow so I can enjoy the balcony for a while before work. Goodnight everybody, and thanks mom for letting me borrow your computer. And you should thank me for not faceraping you ;).


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