Double vs single room?

A few days ago I got a question from CalPoly housing if I would be interested in saving $1500 (or maybe it was more?) by changing my single room to a double room. It said I might be interested and today I got a reply that I need to answer before July 20th if I want to accept the change. Pros and cons with everything.


  • I will save a lot of money
  • I will really try out the whole American student lifestyle
  • I might get a friend for life


  • No privacy
  • What if the girl is a bitch?
  • Bunkbeds

Opinions anyone? It’s a lot of money, but I also like privacy, but at the same time it would be fun to try see what it’s like to have a roomie…


Still tons of people at Liseberg and it is exhausting. Even if I slept for almost 10 hours last night and woke up by myself at 9:30am, well rested and everything, I’ve been so tired today! Mostly Swedish people, but almost all of them wore the Gothia Cup bracelet. I think I saw 10 people in total with Guldpass. Gothenburg people are smart and staying away from Liseberg this week.

I’ve gotten the second introduction to Helix, the one which covers evacuations. It wasn’t that complicated. And after that I had my very first hour covering my own position at Helix. That was nervous, but I did well. And now it feels like I’ve been there for a while. It doesn’t take much time to get used to a new attraction. I can already feel it in my body though. So many complain about the ergonomics of checking those restraints. I am trying my best to do it correctly, but it is hard to avoid getting muscle soreness from doing something I’m not used to. The underside of my arms are so sore!! I hope this will go away soon.

I closed Uppswinget today and normally there aren’t many people at all at the end so they can go on the ride several times in a row. But today, there was a big line up until the very end! So I had to tell people that we were just about to start the last ride and they had to go away. That’s a first!

Time to go to bed and sleep in my own bed now. Goodnight folks!

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