Today something very fun happened at work. Some guests get a special card, called a Morotskort (en=Carrot card) when they arrive in the park. They are supposed to give them to Liseberg workers who’ve done something extra and I got one of those today!! More than smiling and being nice to people I didn’t do anything special. It was on AtmosFear where a little girl was too afraid of going, so I let her out by opening all the safety restraints and telling everyone in the microphone that I just opened them but they needn’t worry because I knew what I was doing. I then started checking my half again and after a few guests there was a guy with one of his hands in his pocket and suspicious as I am I asked him what he had in his pocket (it is not allowed to have any loose objects during the ride so we try to prevent that before we start by taking everything and putting them in the baskets by the walls). He just smiled back at me and pulled out one of those cards and told me it was for me. I thanked him a lot and I was in a very good mood the rest of the evening. I don’t know if he was flirting with me, saw what I did to the little girl, enjoyed what I said in the mic or if he were about to leave the park and just wanted to give it to someone (which he didn’t because he came back on the ride). It was very nice anyway, and when you get one of those cards you get a Trisslott (you scratch it and have a chance of winning money). I hope I will win a million!

My day started with 30 minutes at Helix and like another day a week ago, it was on break. That meant that I stood for 30 minutes by the entrance telling people that we had some technical issues. Last week I had a whole hour at Uppswinget. Nice to start the day that way! And it was nice speaking English again. I haven’t done it almost at all these past two weeks, since Chad left for Minnesota. I missed it. On Tuesday he will be back though and I will have someone to talk to daily again.

A stupid thing that happened on AtmosFear today, before I got the carrot card, a guy in the seat started smoking!! I was about to go to the other side and check the restraints and I just saw a big cloud there. I walked up to him and asked him what he was doing and told him to put it out right now! He told me he wanted to throw it off the top of the attraction. Asshole! I took his lighter, I probably should have taken the pack of cigarettes instead, and also his friends lighter. I really really hope they didn’t have a third lighter and smoked up there anyway. What does some people think with?? It is not allowed to smoke in the park, why should it be okay to smoke on an attraction??

That was pretty much my whole day. Now I will go to bed and prepare for another long day tomorrow. But I do get off at 8pm already so I will have some time to do something instead of just going home and going to bed. I look forward to Tuesday (my Saturday).

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