Last day of Gothia Cup

The world’s biggest soccer tournament for kids is finally over. This week means that the whole town is being invaded by people from all over the world, all of the tram’s are always full, they smell of sweat and they all get a super cheap bracelet to Liseberg that is valid for the whole week. That means that everyone is at Liseberg as soon as they don’t play any games. That means a lot to do for us who work there. It hasn’t been too bad actually, but once in a while there is half a team who wants to go on a ride without tickets or bracelets and doesn’t understand English. Or the scenario where another half of a team wants to sit next to each other one a ride… I survived and I even survived an intro and education at Helix, the busiest attraction by far at Liseberg.

So, today was the last day those special Gothia Cup bracelets were valid, but that doesn’t mean Liseberg won’t be as busy. These next couple of weeks are vacation weeks for most of Sweden, and that means that everyone is going to Gothenburg and Liseberg. I wonder if that will be worse or better than Gothia Cup? If there is something that’s actually been better this past week compared to normal weeks, is that people are too afraid of asking if they can wait for the next ride for example on AtmosFear because they want to sit next to each other. It is like they know that that isn’t something they can ask for. That that is just the way it is, we have a certain amount of seats and those need to be filled every time. I am so thankful for that!

My day started like yesterday; break on Helix. But today I had Helix for an hour and I could be a part of reopening it after about 35 minutes of telling people that it was closed. I learned how to do that which was good since I am not an approved attraction driver there yet. I did have my check-up today though, which means I will be ready for the test tomorrow. Yay! When that is done I will have 8 attractions in total at Liseberg.

When I came home from work at about 9pm I didn’t wait long until I started Guild Wars 2. Time flew away, it’s already 0:30 am and I should probably go to bed. I have a long day tomorrow. First 8 hours at work and then prepartying. Liseberg arranges every other Sunday something called a Rabbit Party at a nightclub in Gothenburg. I’ve never went, I enjoy the preparties more. And I work pretty early the day after, so I will hardly even drink tomorrow and just hang out for a while. Even if we work together at Liseberg, we don’t have time to hangout there, so we need these parties. We should do more stuff though, not just the Rabbit Parties.

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