City of Heavenly Fire

I am now done with the sixth and last book in the Mortal Instruments series. I love Cassandra Clare, all of her books are amazing and the story is really good. The ending was perfect. A happy ending. But this was not the end, Clare has said that she will write six (or was it seven or five?) series about Shadowhunters and this was just the second, or first, depends on how you look at it. This one took place in the present, the other one, The Infernal Devices, in the 1800. Several characters from the Infernal Devices came back in the Mortal Instruments, but not too much, just for a little while. They were hard to let go of so I was happy when they came back. In this sixth book, new people were introduced and the next series, the Dark Artifices will be about them. All of the books in the different series will be connected and in a very good way. I am so bad at writing reviews, but I really like all of her books, and if anyone likes demons/angles/vampires/werewolves/fairies/warlocks in a modern society I can really recommend all of her books. The series about the warlock Magnus Bane is also good. There are 10 100-page novellas.

I wish I had more time for reading, at the moment I am only finishing a book every month…

LäsdagbokThis is my reading diary. I’ve written down every book I’ve ever read in this little book.I started with the exact dates in 2004 when I realized I loved reading. In total there are 19 full pages full, one book per line. I had an ugly reading diary before but I ran out of pages (a lot of unecessary space in it for things I didn’t care about writing down, I think it was two or three books per page!) so I bought a notebook a couple of years ago and transferred the reading list to the new one. And decorated it with a dragon, because my favorite genre is fantasy. Läsdagbok = Reading Diary.

Today I had my Friday at work and that was awesome! These last 6 days have been long and my last weekend short. This weekend will disappear way to fast too. I opened SpinRock today, an attraction at my second area, Balderado. I haven’t been there in so long and had to read the manual on how to open it properly. I was there for 30 minutes before I had to run up to Helix for another half hour. And in the ridiculous heat today it wasn’t that fun.

About Helix, I had the test yesterday and I passed. So now I have 8 approved attractions I can operate at Liseberg. I have been told that I will get one more, but I think I will just get the introduction, the amount of education hours, and the test, just because. Not because they need me at that area. But I don’t mind. I like Berget!

Tomorrow will be another warm summer day and I will spend it at Liseberg with my cousins. They are driving down here so we can be there when it opens at 11am, go there the whole day, and then they will stay over at my place and drive home the day after. I look forward to it. It might be the last or second to last time I will see them before my departure in the middle of September.

I will go to bed now and read in my new book, I Am Number Four; The Lost Files – Return to Paradise. It’s a 100-page novella from the series I Am Number Four. Another good series, but this one is about friendly aliens on Earth who are being chased by evil aliens who want to take over the Universe. Sounds childish, but I am too tired to write a more thoroughly description. Look of the trailer for the movie I Am Number Four and you will know. Goodnight!

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