Liseberg and Öckerö

What a weekend! Yesterday I had an amazing day at Liseberg with my cousins and today I was out by the ocean, enjoying the Swedish summer to the fullest. The best part of weekends at Liseberg is that we have almost a whole day after the weekend as well. I don’t start working until 4pm tomorrow so me and mom will go out to the ocean tomorrow again.

My cousins in Hjo comes down to Gothenburg once a year to go to Liseberg with us. That day was yesterday. After we had decided to take this day (which was pretty much the only day that worked for all of us) I had heard that Tuesday or Wednesday in week 30 is always the worst day of the year. And with the amazing weather it definitely was. It was hot, and tons of people everywhere. But that didn’t matter, we had the best day together anyway. We cooled ourselves down with Flume Ride and Kållerado and went on Helix three times. I even tried Uppswinget which is an attraction that I haven’t even been able to look at before. It was actually pretty fun, the second time though almost made me throw up and I was done after that and skipped the last rides on AtmosFear and Helix. Instead I talked in the mic on AtmosFear and waited after Helix.

I told my cousins a lot of fun and interesting things that happen at work, explained how things worked and introduced them to some of my coworkers. They thought all of them were really nice and funny. They got a little jealous of me for having the best summerjob!

We were in the park from 11am to 10:30pm. It was a long day and we were all extremely exhausted when we all got back to my apartment. We bought candy on the way and watched City of Bones. I found out that the middle cousin also loves to read and she loved the movie, so I told her about all those books and gave her a list of all of Cassandra Clare’s books so she can read them. It is not that common today that people read. But she and I share that interest and that made me very happy. ”It’s like going to another world for a while”.

2014-07-22 22.19.48Me and my lovely cousins! ❤

2014-07-23 12.22.42This is a famous statue of Poseidon at Götaplatsen in Gothenburg. Not everyone knows that if you look from a special angle it looks like he is extremely well equipped. Normally he is the opposite.

Today I held an interview for Cultural Care Au Pair for the first time since April. It is very weird that I haven’t done any recruiting since then… It was a very nice interview with a girl who’ve been living in Bangkok and Singapore and had interesting hobbies and were easy to talk to. Right after that I took the bus to Chad. He got home from Minnesota yesterday so today was the first time I saw him in three weeks.

A few minutes later mom came and picked us up and we went out to Öckerö where we spent the rest of the day. I read a little, tanned a little, but most important of all, I went swimming in the water! I haven’t been in the Swedish ocean in two years, it was definitely time! It was a little bit cold at first, but after I got used to it it was so nice. It was so nice that I went in there twice!

It was an amazing day, this is what I love  about the Swedish summer. The warmth, the sea breeze, and the warm cliffs on the west coast.

After dropping Chad off to pack his things I shared a pizza with mom. A chicken pizza with banana, pineapple, curry and kebab sauce. My favorite!

On the way back home we decided that I want to take advantage of my half day off tomorrow aswell so we are going back to the ocean tomorrow but in Björlanda. I haven’t been able to enjoy the Swedish summer yet so I might as well now when it is so warm. I love the Swedish summer!! I am so glad I won’t miss it next year ❤

2014-07-23 19.58.33

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