I’ve got a good share of my long longed-for Swedish summer. First yesterday at Öckerö and today before work at Björlanda with mom. It was warmer today because there was no wind. I put sunscreen on the most exposed areas, like shoulders, back, and chest. But I got burned on my stomach and thighs. Stupid me. I should know by now that the sun up here in Sweden can most definitely give you a sunburn. It is not extremely bad fortunately and it will probably be fine tomorrow.

BjörlandaThe water was very very shallow at Björlanda so it was hard to get all of the body cooled down.

Mom drove me straight to work after that and it’s been a very rough day. I’ve been trying to drink as much as I can, but I’ve still felt like I was melting away. It is still around 32C and that is the warmest in all of Europe right now! Crazy that Sweden is warmest… It is gonna stay like this and even if I normally like warmth, it is not very fun to work in. I think I will need to eat more salt from now on, skip the sweet semolina porridge and go for scrambled eggs and bacon. I have almost 10 hours tomorrow and I really hope it will be cooler tomorrow, but I doubt it…

Liseberg at nightI had to wait for 15 minutes for my second tram and spent that time taking pictures of the glittering Lisebergshjulet.

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