Lightning and thunder

After weeks of tropical heat, rain was so very needed. The day started out hot like every other day, but that changed in just a few hours. It dropped 10C (it was actually a bit cold when I walked home at 10pm in shorts and a tank top) after the heavy rain and thunderstorm in the afternoon. Up on the mountain we aren’t allowed to have any rides open when thunder is roaring and because of that we had several breaks. First at 2pm there was a 15 minute break when I was on Helix. The second break came at 4:30pm and lasted for almost two hours. And right after it stopped to thunder I was going to be on AtmosFear for an hour, but after lightning hit that tower we had technical problems and the attraction was closed that whole hour. I think all of the park heard the boom when it hit Atti, and just a few minutes later it hit the middle Gothia Tower. I missed it all, I was down in our pause room.

Because of the weather I’ve had a headache a big part of the day. Not too fun. I also hit my elbow on one of the Helix gates and that still hurts when I move it in a specific way. I hope it will be better tomorrow, it will be hard checking the safety restraints otherwise…

Last night I saw Divergent and it was so good. I probably would have had a lot to say if I read the book recently and didn’t have 30 books read after that triology. I remember the story, but not details about what happens. But I want to reread them. But I probably shouldn’t since I have like 600 books on my to-read-list. At the moment I am actually reading the four short stories from Four’s perspective. I wish I had more time for reading…

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