Kittens kittens kittens

Since we bought the game Munchkin and got it from my mom the very same day last week, we went back to Science Fiction Bokhandeln to exchange it to something else. The zombie version of the game is a whole new game and can’t be combined with the base game, so we decided to get extra cards instead, we got steeds, sounded funny. We also got a whole new game called Exploading Kittens. Crazy game. We played it and it turns out that it is really fun. It is a card game and you are basically suppose to just lay down cards with actions on them, and then draw a new card. You lose when you get the card with an exploading kitten on it. They have a lot of interesting-looking games at that store, we might go back soon, hehe.


And speaking of kittens, mine are also crazy. We turned the couch upside down the other day. No wonder they have no toys to play with! This time we tried a not-so-permanent-solution and put duct tape along the floor between the feet of the couch. Hopefully that works! So far there are actually still small toys not under the couch, yay!


Spontaneous book purchase

Yesterday Jesper and I went to my favorite store, Science Fiction Bokhandeln (~The Science Fiction bookstore). I think it actually might be his too, since he always wants to go there. I have a long list of my favorite books that I want to have on my shelf (I have most of my library in the .epub-format), and yesterday I ticked one whole series off. Throne of Glass, one of my favorite series of all time. Next on my shopping list is Silo by Hugh Howey.


The book bag also contained the main game of Munchkin. So we are prepared for game nights at our place from now on. A funny thing happened later when mom came over to pick up the keys (so she can feed our cats when we are away at my grandma’s for the weekend). She also brought the game of Munchkin since her group of friends couldn’t figure out (or was it something else? Can’t remember) how to play it, so I was promised it. What are the odds that she brings it over on the same day we decide to buy it? I really like coincidences, they are fun! Anyway, so now we have to return the oen we bought, and get another version instead so we have twice as many cards. I think Jesper wants to get the Zombie version. No surprise there.