Master thesis presentation (igcabka* graduation)

So, today was kind of a big deal. After being enrolled at Chalmers since 2010 (7 years), or 5.5 years of full time studies, I am finally done. The report was approved a couple of days ago, yesterday we got the publication number and we sent it in today after we finished our presentation. I was honored by the presence of both my mom and dad and Karin during the presentation, and I honestly think that made me more nervous than I would have been without them.

The presentation went really well. I hadn’t practiced overly much, but, as soon as I went up there, it was like it all got stuck in my head and I spoke freely and only looked at my notes a few times. I stumbled on words a few times, but I don’t think anyone really noticed. And also, it doesn’t really matter, I am human after all.

So, what now? Well, I have applied for many jobs, nothing decided yet, but until it is, I have Liseberg. Hopefully this will have worked itself out after the summer so I can start being an adult for real then. I am really excited to start working and if everything goes according to my plan, I will have a blast!

This MSc degree will be celebrated by sleeping and reading (and maybe play som Guild Wars 2 again for the first time in a month) all weekend long! I can’t wait for some well-deserved time off before I start working at Liseberg on June 23rd. Sure, there are some stray days here and there at the school I am working at, but that barely counts. This time off will be the most amazing freetime of my life. I will enjoy every second of it, I swear!


*I guess can also be known as

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