Review of ” Let’s Get Invisible!” – by R. L. Stine

Title: Let’s Get Invisible!
Author: R. L. Stine
Series: Goosebumps #6
Genre: Horror
Pages: 160
Published: 1993, Scholastic
My Grade: 2 out of 5 light bulbs


On Max’s birthday, he finds a kind of magic mirror in the attic. It can make make him become invisible. So Max and his friends start playing “now you see me, now you don’t.” Until Max realizes that he’s losing control. Staying invisible a little too long. Having a harder and harder time coming back. Getting invisible is turning into a very dangerous game. The next time Max gets invisible, will it be…forever?


Maybe I have read too many Goosebumps in a row now, so this will be the last for a while. But I honestly didn’t really enjoy this one. It is a cool story, getting invisible and trying to be responsible about it and what follows. However, the story is flat and repetitive. They go invisible, they bully each other, feel bad, and do it all over again. The kids previously in the series have been surprisingly smart for 12-year olds but these I truly hated. All of them were bullies and even if the main character had doubts, he was a wuss and never said no.

So I only give this Goosebump story a 2, it was an okay read, but definitely not more than that. The flat story and the awful characters dragged it down.

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