Rabbit Party

Last night was the seasons last rabbit party for us Lisebergers. And because of that I decided that I wanted to go.  Preparty right after work where I spent my 7th day of the season at Balderado. All the attractions I have there are single manned from now on, so I was all alone the whole day except for 1,5h in the middle where I was at Berget. I closed Kristallsalongen so I sat there for one hour, not doing much except eating candy and mentally preparing for the party. It was actually okay sitting there solving crosswords.

I changed into my beautiful Abercrombie dress, brushed my hair and then went will all the others to Hisingen where Victor lives. The preparty went by so fast. It was fun! And at 11:30 we went to Valand, the nightclub where the rabbit parties are. I could skip the line and paid 125 as cover and wardrobe and then I was in.The music was good, but I’m not much of a dancer. I spent most of the evening on the outdoor patio talking. It was nice! At 1am the Helix song went on and we were all inside dancing to it, but that was all the dancing I did. I talked to a lot of people and actually felt that I connected with a lot of them. Alcohol makes people honest and sharing.

I was there until it closed at 3am and then walked home. Took me 45 minutes.

Today I woke up at 10am, I didn’t feel bad at all, a little, but not much. Took a shower and then went to Kosmetisk Kirurgi to do an IPL treatment for hair removal under my arms. In total it was my 7th time I think and it is definitely working. Almost all of it is gone, but I still have a little left, so after this today I will go there once more after my year in California. Then I will probably be done, but I’m not sure all the hair will be gone forever. Anyway, it hurt really bad. I forgot how painful it is. At the end of the second armpit it hurt so much that I started wincing. Normally the burning pain is there for a millisecond, but after a while it hurt all the time. Not a nice feeling. I am still a bit sore, but it’s not too bad.

Today I also enrolled in the EDES 406 class. Open enrollment started today and I now have it on my schedule. So fucking awesome to have that done!  I also tried registering to the semester at Chalmers but I couldn’t since I’m not enrolled in any classes at Chalmers. But I need to be registered for CSN to see that I am doing some classes. I sent Chalmers an email and will probably get an answer tomorrow. I will call them otherwise. I was gonna call my landlord also to tell them my fridge is kinda broken. There is always a pool of water at the bottom of it. But I forgot. That’s for tomorrow.

After that I spent the afternoon studying and talking to mom. The problem I’ve been trying to solve for two days makes sense to me now. The mistake I made was that the ”d” in the formulas wasn’t the diameter which it normally is, but it was the distance from the top of the beam to the center of the rebars in the bottom. After I realized that I actually understood the problem. Yay! I love breakthroughs. Tomorrow I will start with wood again, and I might have time for another steel problem as well. But I have a feeling I won’t be in a study mood, but we’ll see.

In the evening anyway there is Berget’s crawfish party. I’ve been looking forward to it the whole summer, it’s gonna be legen… wait for it… dary!

1 month left

I can’t believe I only have one month left in this country. In exactly a month (1am on September 13th) I will be a few hours away from Los Angeles. This summer went by so fast. Well, to be honest, the past couple of years just disappeared. I have mixed feelings about going back to Cali. It will be a great experience being an exchange student at an American university, and my English will improve so much. But I have more to miss in Sweden now compared to last time. So many new friends, a boyfriend.

The EDES 406 class worked out. I tried to enroll in a new class last night but it didn’t work. So I emailed the person I’ve been on contact with for the past months about everything, and she said that as long as I’ve talked to the professor of the class everything will be fine. I’ve chosen to believe her. No point in being worried.

At the end of this week I will decide how I will go to SLO from LA, probably with a rental car. And then I will need to book a bed at a hostel in SLO for my first two nights. And that is it, except for packing which I will start doing in September. I want to live normally for as long as possible.


Yesterday the weather was craxy here in Gothenburg. I think it is the fall that is coming. One moment we had sun, the next it was pouring down, and all the time it was extremely windy. Almost too windy to operate the attractions up on the mountain. The sky was dark and it looked like a thunderstorm would start at any moment. But it never came. It was gone before anything happened.

I had a pretty rough schedule with just hourly passes. One hour at Höjdskräcken, one hour at Helix and so on. SOme half hours are nice. During my last 1,5 hours at Helix a guy asked me to take a selfie of them while they were sitting on the Helix train. I should have taken a selfie of myself. But the point is that he used to word selfie instead of photo which was weird. A selfie is when you take a photo of yourself, while taking a photo of someone else is just taking a photo. Today’s youth!


Five out of six days this week I work until closing. It takes a lot of energy and not getting enough sleep is getting to me. I’ve been so exhausted today! I should probably go to bed now, but I think Chad’s parents wanted to Skype, that would be the first time. Exciting, but I could probably be a betterm e when I’m not this tired.

Tomorrow I have a 10 hour working day. Noon to 11pm.That will be a tough day. I don’t think I will get up earlier to study like I have all the other days this week. I think I need the sleep! But I have felt really good about myself for solving one problem each day before work. On Friday I will sit down most of the day while the pulled pork will be cooking in the oven. The same on Saturday. And Sunday morning, and all the other days until August 27th.


Yesterday I had my 5th day of this summer season at Balderado. I had Spinrock the whole day but that was great. Spinrock is fun to work at and especially when you are two people. The day went by super fast and I was home before I knew it.

Today I was at Berget again where I only had one hour passes which is kinda slow if you have it the whole day. One hour at one attraction is a lot of time. Half hours go by so much faster and the variation makes it easier to keep the mood up.

I was in a very good mood today, but my tiredness made it tough to keep it up. I did have a nice day in general though.

My tooth, or the lack of tooth more correctly, is okay. It hurts a tiny bit, but I could eat almost without any problems at all. But being careless probably made it worse by the evening. Now it hurts when I swallow and it feels like I have a sore throat. But I know better, it is the hole. I should probably be more careful, even if it feels alright, because it probably isn’t alright just yet. It has just been three days!

I closed Höjdskräcken today again. So awesome. No stress, you get closer to the guests who actually come and you can relax before going home. Love it!


I found out a couple of days ago that I need to enroll in a new course at Cal Poly because I am currently on the waiting list for the environmental class that is mandatory. I was certain that I would get that class because of an email from the professor a while back. But I am second on the wait list and to meet the requirements of my visa status I need to enroll and get accepted to 3 more credits. I’ve found another class that might be similar, Sustainable Environmental Engineering. But I will also enroll in German 1. I have to get one of those three classes and will have more options. I really hope I get Sustainable Environments, my first choice, but if I don’t I will have to take that class when I am back in Sweden which will suck, but it would work. So tomorrow night at 11pm I will enroll in new classes. Cross your fingers for me that I get my first choice!

Double vs single room?

A few days ago I got a question from CalPoly housing if I would be interested in saving $1500 (or maybe it was more?) by changing my single room to a double room. It said I might be interested and today I got a reply that I need to answer before July 20th if I want to accept the change. Pros and cons with everything.


  • I will save a lot of money
  • I will really try out the whole American student lifestyle
  • I might get a friend for life


  • No privacy
  • What if the girl is a bitch?
  • Bunkbeds

Opinions anyone? It’s a lot of money, but I also like privacy, but at the same time it would be fun to try see what it’s like to have a roomie…


Still tons of people at Liseberg and it is exhausting. Even if I slept for almost 10 hours last night and woke up by myself at 9:30am, well rested and everything, I’ve been so tired today! Mostly Swedish people, but almost all of them wore the Gothia Cup bracelet. I think I saw 10 people in total with Guldpass. Gothenburg people are smart and staying away from Liseberg this week.

I’ve gotten the second introduction to Helix, the one which covers evacuations. It wasn’t that complicated. And after that I had my very first hour covering my own position at Helix. That was nervous, but I did well. And now it feels like I’ve been there for a while. It doesn’t take much time to get used to a new attraction. I can already feel it in my body though. So many complain about the ergonomics of checking those restraints. I am trying my best to do it correctly, but it is hard to avoid getting muscle soreness from doing something I’m not used to. The underside of my arms are so sore!! I hope this will go away soon.

I closed Uppswinget today and normally there aren’t many people at all at the end so they can go on the ride several times in a row. But today, there was a big line up until the very end! So I had to tell people that we were just about to start the last ride and they had to go away. That’s a first!

Time to go to bed and sleep in my own bed now. Goodnight folks!

Tropical weather in Gothenburg

The weather today has been weird to say the least. It has been extremely hot and the humidity must have been at least 110%. It has been sunny but it has also been pouring and lots of thunder. And its’s been back and forth between these conditions all day. Around 28C and right outside my window at its hottest it was unbelievable 40C! That’s right in the sun, but still. It’s been sticky inside but nothing I could do about it, opening the windows would only make it worse. I remember my first summer in this apartment three years ago. It was barely possible to be in here because it was like a sauna. I haven’t felt that at all this summer even if once in a while gets pretty warm outside. Maybe they improved the ventilation?

I’ve been inside most of the day, studying. I didn’t do more than yesterday, but not less either, so I am satisfied with my accomplishment. It was actually hard to quit when I needed dinner. That’s good! For once I am following my study schedule and I actually think that I will check every box on that paper (one box = one problem/one old exam/one theory question, a total of 63 boxes) before I will take the exam for the fourth time. Go me!

I did a lot of theory questions today and realized that I have never been in class when they talked about them. Both my first year and this year I didn’t have them among my notes. I never miss a class, but those two I have missed were the same both years. Not particularly good.

I didn’t do much more than that today, I put all my recyclables in the recycle room in the backyard, I did the dishes, watched a couple of Revolution episodes, shopped for groceries, and cooked dinner. Mashed sweet potatoes and meatballs, yummy! I have a very hard time right now figuring out what to eat. I get stuck in patterns and eat pretty much the same thing for a month before I go on to the next. Lack of money is mostly behind that, but I tried to think before I went to the grocery store today. What do I want to eat? I remembered that I loved semolina porridge when I was a kid and decided that that might be a good breakfast (the last couple of weeks I’ve only had scrambled eggs) right now. And to put fruit and berries in it will make it a little more healthy. I look forward to tomorrow’s breakfast! Let’s hope my tastebuds haven’t changed…

Today I also got an email from CSN telling me that I will get money next year!! The bad thing is that I will get it in three lump sums (swe=”klumpsummor”) instead of every month. It probably won’t be a problem, but I am gonna have to think through exacylt how much money I will have after rent and food. But it will feel pretty awesome to have 50 000 kr in my account! The only thing missing now is that I have to decide what I am gonna do the first two nights before I get my room and how to get from LA to SLO. No biggie!

Thesis: DONE!

It is time to update the blog again. I just haven’t been in a writing mood at all lately, strange! But here comes an update of what’s been going on in my extremely interesting life

First and biggest; my thesis got approved today!! I am done with it!! I so wish I could say that I now have a bachelor of science degree in building and civil engineering, but that post will have to wait another year. Tomorrow before work I will go to school to get the papers signed, return literature and ask our examinator to put the result in LADOK right away (our result system that CSN relies on) so CSN will give me a happy message telling me that I will get money next year. I am thinking about changing my application and take an extra loan. My rent is gonna be bigger over there and I have some trips I really want to do. I am saving as much as I can already because I don’t want to miss out on the Caribbean, Cancun or Coachella.

What else is there more than work? Nothing really. Work has been taking up a lot of my time lately. The big handball cup, Partille Cup, has started and that means a fuckton of youths at Liseberg. They are from all over, but especially Norway and Denmark and what is really bothering me is that they (the Danes) expect me to understand what they are saying! I can’t understand Danish at all so I mostly just smile and nod.

There are actually a lot of things that grinds my gears right now except for all the foreigners (who by the way behave better than Swedish people!). There is something at Liseberg called “ledsagarband” which is a ride bracelet for people going on rides with disabled people. I totally support that system. But what I don’t support is when young and stupid (okey, they are apparently smart who figured this out) kids go to Guest Service and tell them that they get anxious when standing in line or whatever lies they can come up with so one of them doesn’t have to pay for a normal ride bracelet. This also means that they can skip lines and go through the exit of each attraction. We who work there aren’t supposed to question these bracelets. But when a gang of ten 12 year old boys who look perfectly fine want to skip the line and take the exit in, I just get pissed off! Or when you have three normally functioning kids (14 year olds maybe) who comes back ten times in 30 min, something is not right. Guest Service shouldn’t be handing those bracelets out like free candy…

Another thing, that I’ve already written about, is when people kick me on the chin on the attraction. How hard is it to stop swinging your legs when I am checking your safety restraints? It’s a good thing I don’t get bruises easily. And it is also very annoying when people refuses to let go of the restraints when I am about to check them. It’s kinda hard doing that while someone is holding it down…

And then there is the problem I face hundreds of times every day. People who don’t want to go on a ride if they can’t sit next to each other. I understand what they are saying and it makes the ride a tiny bit more fun to sit next to a friend. But when half a handball team wants to sit next to each other or people with Guldpass (who has free entrance and rides for a whole year) does it, it’s too much. I am considerate if it is a young kid with a parent, but 17 year old guys who HAVE to sit next to each other and are holding up the line because of it is just so stupid! It is also very rude of people to assume that they can skip a ride and wait for the next whenever they want. It’s not their privilege to do that. They could ask nicely instead. I can’t just let half the spots on Höjdskräcken go empty every ride!

And on AtmosFear people are obviously extremely afraid of sitting next to a person they don’t know. So instead they leave an empty seat so a lot of people late in the line has to split up. So selfish of them! We often use the microphone to ask them to not do that, but they very rarely listen…

I really needed to get that out. I love my job and most of the time I just laugh and sigh quietly at people. And most of them are actually very sweet and appreciative. They understand that this actually is my job and when they are happy, it makes it so much more fun for me, and I can give it back to other people. I wish everyone understood that.

Today the weather was very weird. First it was nice, then it poured down but the guests were as happy as always anyway. It wasn’t that fun though working in it. Completely soaked even with the huge black raincoat and three sizes too big boots.


Friday tomorrow and my last day of work before my four-day weekend! On Saturday it is supposed to be very nice weather, up to 27C, so I am planning on working on my tan. I am getting very pale… I am also invited to a celebratory dinner at mom’s because of my approved thesis and then I guess I will study Structural Engineering and read a lot.

(By the way, I have a very hard time realizing it is already July!!)

Rainbow over Liseberg Weird weather over LisebergA lot of thunder this past week (more than I’ve been through in the past couple of years in total). The dark clouds with sun shining through is very beautiful. And very typical Swedish summer!

Friday 13th

* On my first two days at work, more than two weeks, I had a pair of shoes on that I probably shouldn’t have worn. Because now a third of my big toe nail is completely blue/black. It’s gone so bad now that I couldn’t stand it and painted all of the nails dark blue. I guess I will have painted toenails for a while now. Mom says it can take up to a year to get it all away. Crap.

* I’ve learned that if you work at Liseberg you can get free candy, and chocolate in particular. You just give the guest with a star prize a look that says it looks really good or just say it. Most of the time, depending on what type of person it is, that person offers you a piece or two or three. Last week I got some Plopp on Uppswinget and Toblerone on Lisebershjulet. Today at AtmosFear I got another Plopp but without “asking”. I am not complaining.

* Another thing I’ve learned after more than two weeks at Liseberg is that people on the attractions AtmosFear, Höjdskräcken and Spin Rock like to dangle their legs which results in me being kicked when I check their safety belts. It is starting to get a little annoying.

* I now have 7 attractions at Liseberg; Lisebergshjulet, AtmosFear, Höjdskräcken, Kristallsalongen, Spin Rock, Uppswinget and Ponnykarusellen. Technically I am still in training on Ponnykarusellen (which I really don’t understand why because it is just two buttons to press and there are no reocurring errors) and Uppswinget. I was supposed to have the test today at Uppswinget, but I guess I was needed somewhere else.

* Yesterday I got my first paycheck. I was disappointed, 304kr. Apparently Liseberg doesn’t count from the first of the month to the last, but the 25th of the month before to the 25th of the current month. And we get the money on the 15th. This month it totally sucked because I neeed money. I have pretty much nothing. 1500kr until July 15h! It will be a challenge.

* And speaking of money, today I found out that I will get 519kr back from Radiotjänst. I don’t know when though. Today in the court it was decided that computers/tablets/smart phones aren’t recievers for a TV signal which Radiotjänst interpreted that they were a year and a half ago. So they have charged people without a TV but with a computer. That is not fair. I am one of those people. But I am glad I’ve only paid the fee for three months instead of a year. 519kr instead of 2000 something. I paid my last bill for the upcoming three months yesterday and called them today to cancel my TV license agreement because I don’t have a TV, only a computer. And because the bill covered a time that has not yet began they told me I will get those 519kr back. Awesome!!

* Yesterday I played beach volleyball again. Outside, in the extreme wind. I wasn’t too excited because I had just found out that I failed the structural engineering class again. For the third time. And I didn’t wanna spend money on something I wouldn’t enjoy. But it wasn’t as hard as I thought. It worked out and I got some sun for once! I played with Ina, Joanne and Zandra.

* I had lunch with Chad today, we won’t have much time to hang out this week since I get off work at 10 or 11pm every night. I checked my mailbox before going there and had two letters. One was my passport with new visa inside and the other was the results of my PAP smear I did a month ago. I had completely forgotten about it and wasn’t very happy when I read what it had to say. It said I have minor cell changes and there was no sign of cancer at this point. But I was too upset to read that properly. So I’ve spent this whole day being extremely sad and haven’t been able to get the idea of cervical cancer out of my mind. Now, after a lot of reading I’ve figured out that it isn’t as bad as I thought. And I wish those fuckers who wrote that letter could write a letter so everyone understands. I had no idea what cell changes meant more than it can be a prestage to cancer. After reading online I now know that about 5 out of 100 PAP smears give these results and that about 1 out of 4 have to get it treated. And that is done with minor surgery that removes a small piece of the thing that is affected and that is it. The worst that could happen is that the person who gets it removed will give birth too early, but at least that person will get pregnant. I so wish they could have added an extra paper in that letter with that information. It would have saved me a whole day of worrying!!
What it also said was that I need to come back for more and thorough tests in like four months. But my problem is that I won’t be in Sweden then. So I need to call them on Monday and tell them about my situation and ask them what I should do, come in earlier, do all this in the USA or wait a year. If they want me to get it looked at as soon as possible and I have to remove it, it will be tight with time since I am leaving the country in 90 days. The reason they want to wait four months is to wait and see what happens to the cells, if the heal automatically, if they stay the same or get worse.
I am seriously pissed that they made me this upset today!!

* Last thing I want to write about today is that I’ve found a new TV show that I after one episode think seems great; The 100. It’s a futuristic setting where Earth has been completely wiped out after a nuclear attack of some sort. A few people survived up on space stations and now, 97 years after, they are sending down 100 prisoners to make sure the Earth is inhabitable again after all the radiation. I like it so far. I want to watch another episode, but it is getting late and I have a 10 hour day ahead of me.

LisebergshjuletIt was an amazing sunset today. I am in love with beautiful sunsets and today I couldn’t stop watching it while I helped people in and out of the gondolas on Lisebergshjulet. Full moon over Liseberg southIt was also a full moon tonight, and it was a huuge moon! Way prettier in real life.