Tropical weather in Gothenburg

The weather today has been weird to say the least. It has been extremely hot and the humidity must have been at least 110%. It has been sunny but it has also been pouring and lots of thunder. And its’s been back and forth between these conditions all day. Around 28C and right outside my window at its hottest it was unbelievable 40C! That’s right in the sun, but still. It’s been sticky inside but nothing I could do about it, opening the windows would only make it worse. I remember my first summer in this apartment three years ago. It was barely possible to be in here because it was like a sauna. I haven’t felt that at all this summer even if once in a while gets pretty warm outside. Maybe they improved the ventilation?

I’ve been inside most of the day, studying. I didn’t do more than yesterday, but not less either, so I am satisfied with my accomplishment. It was actually hard to quit when I needed dinner. That’s good! For once I am following my study schedule and I actually think that I will check every box on that paper (one box = one problem/one old exam/one theory question, a total of 63 boxes) before I will take the exam for the fourth time. Go me!

I did a lot of theory questions today and realized that I have never been in class when they talked about them. Both my first year and this year I didn’t have them among my notes. I never miss a class, but those two I have missed were the same both years. Not particularly good.

I didn’t do much more than that today, I put all my recyclables in the recycle room in the backyard, I did the dishes, watched a couple of Revolution episodes, shopped for groceries, and cooked dinner. Mashed sweet potatoes and meatballs, yummy! I have a very hard time right now figuring out what to eat. I get stuck in patterns and eat pretty much the same thing for a month before I go on to the next. Lack of money is mostly behind that, but I tried to think before I went to the grocery store today. What do I want to eat? I remembered that I loved semolina porridge when I was a kid and decided that that might be a good breakfast (the last couple of weeks I’ve only had scrambled eggs) right now. And to put fruit and berries in it will make it a little more healthy. I look forward to tomorrow’s breakfast! Let’s hope my tastebuds haven’t changed…

Today I also got an email from CSN telling me that I will get money next year!! The bad thing is that I will get it in three lump sums (swe=”klumpsummor”) instead of every month. It probably won’t be a problem, but I am gonna have to think through exacylt how much money I will have after rent and food. But it will feel pretty awesome to have 50 000 kr in my account! The only thing missing now is that I have to decide what I am gonna do the first two nights before I get my room and how to get from LA to SLO. No biggie!

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