New haircut

My computer was kaputt last night, so even if I had a lot of interesting things to write about, I couldn’t. My weekend is over and it was over way too fast. I wouldn’t have minded another week or so. My Friday was celebrated at Stage Door (a bar) with some of my colleagues. A very nice evening that ended at 1:30am.

Yesterday I woke up at 1pm I think. It was awesome to sleep in that long for once! I had an ambition to study some, but I realized I had lots of time so I decided to do some other necessary things. I called Radiotjänst again and asked them if they could give me back the last 500kr for wrongly charging me for the TV-license. They told me I would have it by the end of the week. The phone call, waiting including, took almost 30 minutes… After that I tried to call Kosmetisk Kirurgi to make an appointment for hair removal. I have two left since 2012 and thought I should get at least one done before I leave again, or hopefully both, but they have vacation now until the beginning of August, so I will have to wait. Not many people know it, but I have been going through some IPL treatments to remove hair under my arms. I am not done, but what an improvement after 6 (I think?) treatments. I can go one or maybe even two weeks without shaving, when I had to do it every day before.

My third call that day was to the hairdresser, they had an appointment just a couple of hours after I called so I took it. I like being spontaneous. I knew my hair was getting pretty damaged, even if it didn’t look too bad. But 6 months since last time, it was needed. It felt kinda stupid afterward though. I paid 400kr and the before and after picture look exactly the same… It feels better though and it definitely is healthier now with no split ends. I wanted to have the hair in the front a bit shorter as well, so there is a little bit of difference actually. I will post the before/after picture just because it’s so silly to pay that much for that little…

Before/after hairdresser
On these pictures it actually looks better on the before picture, probably because I am newly showered and the light is better. And I suck at taking selfies… Tomorrow my hair will look awesome after a shower and a hair mask and when I can style it the way I want.

I walked around in Nordstan (downtown) after that, tried to find a place who could fix my sunglasses. My engineering skills aren’t that good yet. No one could help me so I decided to make one final serious attempt to fix them. I bought thin iron thread and made a new loop and with some glue and tape it actually seems to be working. I just have to be careful and not put them in my purse anymore. If this doesn’t work I’ve actually found a website that sells those spare parts and I will order some if they break again. I know I am stupid for trying so hard to fix a pair of sunglasses that just cost $4, but they are so cool and so me and I love them. I don’t want another pair unless they look the same!

I did some grocery shopping on the way home because I had a very special plan when it came to dinner. Pierogi (according to Google Translate)! I had found a recipe for pierogi with spinach and feta cheese with pink pepper, parsley, hazel nuts and garlic. It wasn’t as perfect as it sounds, but definitely edible and a little more. Probably not the best with vegetarian food for me right now though. I’ve realized I probably don’t get enough proteins anymore. Poor and no time to cook real food have made me a temporary vegetarian. I like vegetarian food, but I think I need to focus on the meat now when I have money again. I have 17 000 right now in my account! But as I’ve said, I am a saver from now on.

Spinach/feta pierogi

And just when I was about to start updating the blog yesterday my computer pretty much died. No, it didn’t, but I couldn’t go to any webpages that required a login, like Facebook or my blog or even Google. It said something about an SSL problem. I googled it on my phone and after a while decided it was time to reinstall it. I probably got some virus… That’s what I did this morning inbetween my study sessions. Now it is working perfectly fine again. I tried the option to reinstall the operative system without removing my personal files (which is stupid when I have a virus, I know, but it worked!). It went’ smoothly and I just had to reinstall some programs.

I studied for a few hours, but I only managed to solve two problems. The easy wooden and steel pillar problems are done and I am now getting myself into the concrete ones. I hate concrete… But it started out pretty okay, I understood what I did and just when I reached for a new paper to continue the problem on, I realized all of them were out. It was raining outside but I was in such a good flow, so I took a break, went to Nordstan (where by the way, hundreds and thousands of million people were!! On a Tuesday afternoon?), bought two notebooks, a new deodorant and went home to continue on the problem. That’s everything I did actually when it comes to studying, but I am trying to understand what I am doing, not just copying the answer key, so it’s okay that it takes time. I will do some more tomorrow before work.

I had another pierogi for dinner and then played a few hours of Guild Wars 2 before I noticed the late hour. Time just flies when playing that. What’s so awesome about GW2 is that they are always updating the game. They release new seasons of the game with new storylines and map changing quests. The first season I missed because I was in California. It was a fun one I’ve heard, maybe it is possible to go through it by reading about it or something. I know the biggest thing that happened, and that was that the biggest city on the map got completely wiped out. I was so surprised when I logged in after a year and saw it and had no idea what happened. This time though I am playing through season 2 from the start. Today the second part of it was released and it turns out that another big-ass dragon is awaking! So much fun! I love this game, it’s not just the same thing over and over, but they are always changing it, good job, ArenaNet, you have really succeeded in making a great game!

Brittish Museum & We Will Rock You

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my travels. This full post can be found here.

The weather today has been so extremly London-ish. First kinda sunny, then rainy, then thunder, then sunny and rainy at the same time, the rainy, pouring, and lastly sunny. What we’ve understood is that today was supposed to be the worst day and from now on it will be better and better. I hope that is true. It would be so much better with blue sky and warmth.

Today’s plan, because of the bad weather, was the Brittish Museum and then a musical in the evening. I think it took us about two hours to find the museum. We went back and forth on one of the big streets for a long while in the drizzle. We finally found the museum and when we came we realized how big it was and didn’t do anything for probably 30 minutes. Just trying to figure out what we wanted to see. We finally decided to go to the Egyptian part where we saw the Rosetta Stone. In a triology I recently read it was kinda of like Pandora’s box, and released all the ancient Egyptian gods into the world (The Kane Chronicles). It was fun to see the part of the museum where some of the books actually took place.

Our next stop in the museum was the Chinese and Japanese exhibit. I don’t know anything about that history, but I think it is beautiful and interesting. Maybe I should take a class about it someday?

After that it was the second Egypt exhibit, the one about the mummies. It was cool! They even had mummified animals, especially cats and kittens.

After three or four hours in there our feet and backs were sore from walking around (and we didn’t even see the ancient Greece and Rome and Anglo-Saxon thing and everything else. That museum is huuuuge! We wanted to see the Viking exhibit, but I think we would have had to pay for that. The rest of the museum was free. Amazing!


Once again we went out in the street and got lost. This city is hard to find in, and the Tube… Oh, don’t get me started on that! First we had a tiny break at a Starbucks (oh, I’ve missed my non-fat chai latte’s) and after that it didn’t take us long to find the Dominion Theatre where we picked up our tickets for tonights show. The next one and a half hour were spent in another bar where we had dinner. I wasn’t that hungry, so a tomato soup with garlic bread was enough.


After dinner we went across the street to the theatre to watch the Queen musical “We Will Rock You”.  I have to say that I was surprised at how awesome it was! I never thought I would enjoy a musical, but this was seriously WOW! The story was set in the future where everyone lives online and a few people can hear words and tunes in their heads, and they are supposed to bring the rock back. A lot of fun song title references (I didn’t understand all of them) and the music is really good. I am not a huge Queen fan, but I recognized most of the songs and could really enjoy it.

The only problem was that I couldn’t understand what some of the actors/singers were saying. Brittish English is so hard to understand!! That was a bummer…

We took the Tube (it’s what these people call their subway) home and I am really impressed by how well it works. I am jealous. Trains coming in every five minutes (in total today we only had to wait for one train, the rest were just to jump right on), even at a very late hour on a weekday. Amazing! And it goes fast. It is a bit scary though that it all happens underground.


As yesterday night, I don’t know what is planned for tomorrow. It feels good to just follow around after a lot of trips planned by me last year. This is really like a vacation for me! (Except that I will do some studying tomorrow…)

Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey.Big Ben Big Ben.Underground stationWestminster underground station. I guess Londoners are used to being so much underground and use this crazy system with trains going in all directions on different levels and use the creepy walking tunnels between platforms…London TubeSurprisingly neat down there! The Brittish MuseumThe world famous Brittish Museum! Inside the Brittish MuseumInside the Brittish Museum. Not to count the many many rooms, the main hall of the museum was huuuuuge! The Rosetta StoneThe Rosetta Stone which was used to translate Egyptian to Greek and something else or something something. SarcophagusA cool sarcophagus in the Egyptian exhibit. Chinese exhibitPart of the Chinese exhibit. Japanese exhibitA samurai armor in the Japanese exhibit. Egyptian mummy exhibitSarcophagi in the Egyptian mummy exhibit. Egyptian mummy exhibitI think they had a total of 8 mummies in that exhibit. Kinda creppy when you think about it. Real people are inside these cocoons! Egyptian mummy exhibit crowdedI understand why there were millions of people at the museum (maybe not early in the afternoon on a Tuesday though), it was a great museum, and it was free!! Thus Egyptian mummy exhibitThis is another of the mummies in the exhibit. They have scanned the mummies and made huge discoveries. This mummy for example has a solidified liquid in hos head. I have no idea why. If someone knows, I would love to hear the story. Egyptian mummy exhibit Egyptian (cat)mummy exhibitHere are the poor cat mummies. I think I read on that sign that they were brutually killed and had broken necks to be able to be mummified like this. Poor cats. And poor kitten in the tiny mummy! Dominion Theatre, We Will Rock YouDominion Theatre with the show We Will Rock You. It’s been showing since 2006!! I wonder why it must end at the end of the month…

Hello London!

Another interesting day has passed. And a very long one. Up with the roaster to go to a structural engineering class and then three hours of work with the thesis. My mom was so kind and helped me with the technical language and it helped a lot. I am not sure it is enough for our picky examinator, but that’s a problem coming up on Friday.

Back home I had lunch, I packed the rest of my things and then played some Guild Wars 2. I found a place there today where you could read old history scrolls and the story behind this game is actually very interesting. So I moved up the Guild Wars book triology on my to-read list and will start with them after I finish Fifty Shades Darker. Which by the way is a boring book. The “porn” is the same in every scene. The scenario is different, but the same words are used, and it gets very boring in the long run. It is also extremely unrealistic. But I can’t stop reading in the middle of it, so I feel that I have to finish it…

At four my mom and brother picked me up and then we went to the airport. We checked in and everything and then each of us had a pulled pork wrap. Really good! The Victoria’s Secret store at Landvetter airport sucks by the way. No clothes, just things. Boring. Since I’ve lost weight I almost feel that I have to buy more underwear now… I and Gudrun are thinking about taking a shopping tour one day. I also want to buy a new pair of jeans.

At 6pm the flight took off and two hours later we were here. I had to drag my suitcase and carry-on for a while until we found the apartment and that is not a mistake that I will be doing when we are going home. The only reason I took a carry-on was because that was the only place I could fit all my structural engineering books. The exam is in two weeks, so I really have to start study now. Tourist during the day, student in the evening.

There is free wifi in the apartment which is awesome. The best part about it was that as soon as I logged in I got an email from Cal Poly giving me my last Permission Course Number. I enrolled as soon as I started up my computer and now I am enrolled in all my courses for the fall semester! Such a relief!

Right when we got to the apartment we went out again to find a place to eat. A pub close to us, The Barley Mow, was pretty nice. Everyone in our company laughed at me for ordering a Kobbarberg Cider (a Swedish cider).

We did a little grocery shopping and now we are back in the apartment and ready to go to bed. I’m not sure what we are gonna do tomorrow, but I am sure it will be fun!


I had a very nice evening tonight with my mom and three of her friends. First we went to Max to have real Swedish hamburger. I just love those burgers! At 6:30pm the movie started at Bergakungen movie theatre. We saw it in 3D and English. And for once I didn’t have to focus on the Swedish subtitle. Felt really nice to just watch the movie!

The movie was so good! I think it is one of the better Disney movies. And it was beautiful. I don’t like cold, but I have to admit that ice and snow is pretty! I also totally understand why the song “Let It Go” is nominated for a Oscar for Best Original Song.

After the movies we all went to Bishops Arms, my first time ever being there. Mom was so kind and bought me a Somersby cider. It was very nice and we didn’t stay too long which was good. I was tired.

But I’m not going to bed just quite yet. Tomorrow I’m going to dad’s girlfriend’s son’s birthday party and I’ve been asked to put my best photos from last year on a USB stick and have them roll on the TV. So I have to pick them out. I’m about halfway done. So many pictures. So many pictures…

Beach day

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Today didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to but it was a very nice day anyway. Because of the bad weather (It’s not that bad, it was raining one night and morning and has been a little extra windy, but it is still 25C if not more. The waves on the north side of the island was supposed to be like 40feet today!!) the snorkeling with turtles was cancelled today again. So instead of that we went to Big Beach which was a very beautiful beach with yellow sand and huge waves! It was possible to be in the water, but it was tricky. They were breaking like right on the beach so it was very hard getting in and out of the water. Out wasn’t too bad. We just had to run out very fast and then we could jump with the waves, but going in. Oh my god! I thought I was gonna make it when I went in right after a big wave, but the next one caught up to me. The backcurrent of the first wave was like a brick wall and I couldn’t move particularly much.  So the next wave was at least as tall as I am and totally made me fall over and tumble around in the sandy water. I had sand, seriously everywhere after that!! But I survived and it was a workout even for just ten minutes.

That beach was by the way the same beach where the German au pair got bitten by a shark last summer and died. I wasn’t bitten and we didn’t see any sharks either. But we did see something else totally awesome! Whales! And today I learned that most of them here are Humpback whales. These were pretty close to shore and they were showing off. I think there were three of them and one of them did one of those super amazing whale jumps when they lift their upper body and then just falls down. And then they splashed with their side fins like all the time, blowing water and then one of them raised its tail and splashed it again and again and again. Like they do on SeaWorld. It was just so cool! I didn’t get a good picture of them but Caroline did get one awesome. I guess it doesn’t really matter though since we’re going to the whale watching tour tomorrow. And I can’t for everything in the world get a good translation of “whale watching” in Swedish. It’s disturbing…

The Big Beach was cut off from Little Beach by a small mountain and the view from that one was incredible. I wouldn’t say it was that good when you were looking on Little Beach, but Big beach was so beautiful. Well, Little Beach was too. But since that is a nude beach it wasn’t very nice to look at old men’s junks… Stephen Tyler from Aerosmith usually hangs out at that beach on Sundays, not nude. Maybe I will see him there on Sunday? He has a big house on that side of the island. I’m so not jealous…

Our next stop was the Kamaole Beach Park I. We played beach volleyball there for 1.5 hours. I didn’t enjoy it so much, but I missed it (I know, almost two weeks since I played!) so I felt that I had to. I really don’t like it to play more than 2 people on one side. Three is fine, but six? Oh no. But I got complemented on my serve which was awesome today. Better than everyone else’s, even the guys!

After that we had our last stop, Haui’s Life’s a Beach. It’s a restaurant and bar. I was starving and ordered a burger with ranch dressing and fried onion rings. And to that two Mai Tais. They were $2.50 each.

On the way home the girl in the front seat was so drunk. She was embarrassing herself with dancing and screaming along with the horrible songs she played on the iPhone’s AUX. Good thing it wasn’t a very long ride.

Back at the hostel I and Caroline tried the hot tub for the first time. It was warm and after 45minutes we were burning up and had to take cold showers. I will definitely go in that one after the 12 mile volcano hike on Saturday.

Our Canadian roomie left today and we got a new one. A German girl one year older than me. The funny thing about it, she came from San Diego where she’s been studying for the past six months. And the even funnier thing is that she came in from Waikiki, Oahu today and had spent 10 days on HI Waikiki where we also stayed! She arrived there on the 14th and we on the 15th. Haha! What a small world! She is very nice and is going to the whale watching tomorrow. I’m so excited about it, and then the Haleakala volcano hike on Saturday, beach day on Sunday and an amazing hike on Monday. And then of course Big Island. I just read on that the black sand beach we are going to there have turtles basking on the sand. I really really want to see turtles up close again! Either snorkeling with them or seeing them on the beach.

Big Beach, Maui Big Beach.Big Beach, Maui Big Beach, Maui Little Beach, Maui (nude beach) Little Beach.Big Beach, big waves Big waves!Humpback whales Humpback whales!Kamoale Beach Park I Kamaole Beach Park I was a very nice beach with fine sand. But I spent the 1.5 hours playing beach volleyball instead. Even if I hate playing more than 2 people on each side. I had some fun though, and it was fun when everyone was so surprised a girl could have such a great serve as I had today (I usually dont, but today it was awesome for some reason)Kamaole Beach Park I