I had a very nice evening tonight with my mom and three of her friends. First we went to Max to have real Swedish hamburger. I just love those burgers! At 6:30pm the movie started at Bergakungen movie theatre. We saw it in 3D and English. And for once I didn’t have to focus on the Swedish subtitle. Felt really nice to just watch the movie!

The movie was so good! I think it is one of the better Disney movies. And it was beautiful. I don’t like cold, but I have to admit that ice and snow is pretty! I also totally understand why the song “Let It Go” is nominated for a Oscar for Best Original Song.

After the movies we all went to Bishops Arms, my first time ever being there. Mom was so kind and bought me a Somersby cider. It was very nice and we didn’t stay too long which was good. I was tired.

But I’m not going to bed just quite yet. Tomorrow I’m going to dad’s girlfriend’s son’s birthday party and I’ve been asked to put my best photos from last year on a USB stick and have them roll on the TV. So I have to pick them out. I’m about halfway done. So many pictures. So many pictures…

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