Wedding, new apartment, Cleo and so on



I think it is easier for me to just post pictures from the last month and let them talk for me. I don’t know why I don’t feel the urge to write anymore, it is kind of a bummer, but here is a small update since last I wrote. Many things have happend, for example we moved to a bigger apartment, we went to a wedding, we got a cat, I have worked at Christmas at Liseberg, there was snow one evening, we went to see the final Hunger Games movie, we watched all Star Wars movies to prepare for Episode 7 which we will see in four days, I was at Sofia’s kid’s namegiving ceremony, and I have drowned in school work. That is some of the things that happened. And also, we spontaneously booked a one week long trip to Dubai in January after my finals! We both really need it, me after a hectic semester in grad school and he needs to take some time off from his security guard job.Snapchat-3531780390756977846Snapchat-259527005693573995Spotify_yim_sv-SE_4w99ue This is surprising. How can One DIrection be the band I listened to most this year?? I don’t understand! Fall Out Boy is more suprising now that I think about it…Spotify_yim_sv-SE_eBXdbQ 42 thousand minutes of listening to music this year.20151126_114720 Chip.20151126_114732 Stuff.20151128_132827 Jesper and I before his dad’s wedding.20151128_143541 Jesper’s dad and his new wife Roxanna.20151128_170403Jesper’s super adorable baby brother with a vest and a tie.20151128_172224 Roxanna is half Iranian so there was a traditional Iranian wedding ceremony after the church. 20151130_180959 New shoes that can handle the Swedish winter (=rain and sometimes slippery ice).20151205_172254 On the 8th of December we left this apartment that has been mine since the summer of 2011.20151206_195548 Christmas at Liseberg is pretty with the fake snow and all the lights. But it is cold to work outside in the just-above-freezing weather. I got rid of a lot of work shifts to focus on school which was needed. So far I have two courses done, and I got a 4 out of 5 in both of them. Not too bad. But I have to admit that grad school is much harder than undergrad. I am so stressed and with tough classes this quarter, work, and the move, it has not been an easy month. Now I have only one more report to submit in 4 days. I should be able to finish it tomorrow so I can go up to my cousins on Saturday to celebrate Christmas and work on Sunday and Monday.20151209_001117

The move and this little cute furball. Her name is Cleopatra, but we call her Cleo. She is the sweetest, cuddliest, kitten ever (I think it has been too long since Chip and Stuff were kittens so I don’t remember correctly, but this one is more energetic and cuddly at the same time). She was born on September 7th this year and we drove out to Trollhättan the day we moved in to our new apartment to pick her up. The first few days she was extremely talkative, we are guessing since she was insecure and felt scared, because now she doesn’t talk at all almost. We noticed right away that something wasn’t right with our new little family member so three days after we got her we brought her to the vet for vaccination and to chip-mark her. It turned out that she has scabies in her ears (really bad), and since none of our cats had it before. We noticed that her ears were black, but didn’t think too much about it. So twice a day until her next vaccination on January 8th, we have to clean her ears. I feel like it was really bad of the previous owner to sell us a cat with scabies, but we have loved her from the moment we picked her up and gladly help her get better. She acts normal though, runs around like a normal kitten should, and according to the vet she is perfectly healthy, except for the scabies. It already is a lot better and I hope it will all go away soon so Cleo won’t hate us every morning and evening when we thoroughly clean her ears while firmly holding her, she is not a big fan of that. In the evenings (when we let her if she is not too annoying and playful) she sleeps between us, it is super cozy! Eventually we will probably get her a friend and a big climbing tree (our living room is huge, I will post pictures next time I update my blog so you will see our nice apartment. However, we are gonna replace a lot of furniture eventually).

20151208_231729 20151208_231827 This is what the living room looked like before we put everything to where it should be.20151209_010539 Coziest cat and boyfriend ever!20151209_182044 She loves to climb and my back is all scratched up because of it, haha!20151209_225301 20151210_150016 20151210_145805 20151210_160652 20151210_175104 20151213_174910 20151213_161006 Four days ago I went up to Trollhättan again to go to my second cousin’s baby’s namegiving ceremony. Lots of cookies and cakes were offered and the cute baby finally officially got his name, Ville.20151212_112029 Waking up like this is not too bad!20151213_233110 Cleo playing with our tiny Christmas tree.20151213_233645 20151214_182355 Cat selfie!20151215_185138 The Christmas gift I got from Liseberg, 1.6kg of expensive Chocolate.20151215_170132 She loves to walk around on the keyboard, annoying when I am trying to study.20151216_120751 We have a washing machine and dryer in our apartment which is the best ever! Cleo enjoyed it too, cutie!20151216_215746 Last night we were baking Christmas sweets. Lussekatter, Mozartkulor and Knäck. The knäck didn’t turn out firm enough, but it was still very good!20151216_234950 Lussekatter!!20151217_193412Studying when she is sleeping in the lap is not too bad.

Test results

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Sorry for the silence the last couple of days, but I’ve been in beed watching movies until I fell asleep. I have finally watched the two Amazing Spiderman movies. I didn’t want to at first because I loved the first Spiderman triology and didn’t want anyone else to take Toby Maguires place as Spiderman. But I have to say that The Amazing Spiderman movies are amazing! I loved them.

Anyway, today’s big event was the email I got this morning. It was from my gynecologist telling me that I still have cell changes, but not bad enough that it has to be removed ASAP. A new test when I get back to Sweden was enough. I am so relieved!! This means that I can go to the Caribbean this winter. I was planning on booking it tonight, but for some reason the time just disappeared so I will do it tomorrow instead.

I got the results for my architecture history class as well and it was okay. I got 41 out of 50 on the multiple choice questions which was a B-. But then I got an F (5/10 = 50%) on the short essay questions. So the resulting grade was 76% and a C. The grades are so high here. 70% on a test is a C, a pass? I feel bad for not getting higher grades (except in the transportation lab where I am doing great). But I at least pass everything. And I found out today that I don’t have to pass all of my credits to stay in the country. I thought I was gonna get kicked out if I failed a class. I am not planning on it, but IF it happened I didn’t wanna worry about this. I just have to make sure that I pass enough classes to be able to enroll in classes for the next quarter. I don’t know how many that is, still waiting for a reply. But now I am calm again.

In the lab in the afternoon I wrote on the paper, I organized a ride for tomorrow’s field trip, and printed package labels for my two packages I’m about to send to Sweden. I am a great multitasker.

After class I made dinner, chicken filet, quinoa, a salad on the side and Famous Dave’s BBQ sauce. Healthy and easy. I did have some ice cream after dinner which probably made the whole dinner unnecessary, but I don’t care. You need sweets once in a while.

Chicken dinner

And time disappeared after that while I was talking to my roommates. And now I need to go to bed, I am not off tomorrow, I have a lot of things to do. Like go to a “green street” in Paso Robles for my last field trip, run tons of errands with Kelsey, Lauren and Toby and then go to my evening class. I don’t like doing many things in a day. It makes time go by faster and I don’t like that. I don’t wanna leave this awesome place…

Cold Canyon Waste Landfill

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

This morning was the first of my field trips in the Sustainable Environments class. We have too few in-class hours so we have to go to 10 hours of field trips to get all the units for the class. This morning we met up at 7am to go to the biggest waste landfill in the county. It was interesting, but it wasn’t very fun waking up after only 3 hours of sleep. I thought that going out last night was a good idea. It was, I had a great time with Lauren, Cody and Toby.

The fieldtrip was interesting. It smelled bad but not as bad as I was expecting.The most interesting thing about it was the fact that they used falconry to keep away gulls.

I borrowed Lauren’s car and gave it back to her at 10:30, before she got up. And I went to bed and slept until 2pm or something. I felt like crap so I made a small breakfast and started watching The Golden Compass. A big mistake. I’ve read the books and they are three of the best books I’ve ever read, but the movie doesn’t give it justice on any level. I totally understand why they didn’t make sequels. I probably should reread the books to take this bad movie out of my head.

I got tired and paused the movie and fell asleep and didn’t wake up until 8:30pm. I still felt pretty bad so I ate dinner and started watching Lilo & Stitch. Such a cute movie. I am gonna watch the sequel now and then sleep. I hate being sick. It’s the worst. It sucks that I am sick and stuck in bed when I have the whole weekend completely off for once. But I guess it would be worse if I had a ton of studying to do.

Cold Canyon Waste LandfillThis place used to be a canyon. Now it looks like a mountain. Falconry at the landfill Recycle CenterThe recycle center. This is something I didn’t understand. All the recyclables her are put in one bin because people are too lazy to sort better. So they drop everything off on the floor from the truck and then sort it by hand. Why not just sort it by yourself in your home? It was upsetting to be honest. In Sweden we are very good at recycling and we don’t complain about how hard it is to separate into 5 bins instead of one.Recycle center

Lunch with my brother

Yesterday I got up at 8:30 to put the meat in the oven. Felix and his girlfriend Sara was coming over to take a look at the apartment and eat lunch with me. Pulled cow was as good as pulled pork and they decided to take the apartment. Before they left they had applied for a couple of courses at Gothenburg University which is needed to stay in this apartment, even if it is just for ten months. I am relieved that this worked out, even if my brother wasn’t too excited about taking a German class in addition to all the other courses he will take at another school (which for some reason doesn’t count).

For the rest of the day I installed some computer games and played. I installed World of Goo and Spore. I played Spore until 3am last night which was a bit stupid. It is a fun game, but I can’t remember how to play the tribe stage. I don’t remember anything about it!

And speaking of computer games. The Sims 4 was released today! I am seriously thinking about buying it.

Today I was up early as well to do another interview for Cultural Care. On my way home I decided it was time to go to Liseberg and empty my locker.

At home I had leftovers from yesterday’s lunch and then I’ve played more Spore and also a bit RollerCoaster Tycoon 1. Then I got bored and watched Maleficient. That movie was amazing! So extremely sad and had kinda the same story as Frozen. Not an evil person, but a good person turning evil for a while. If you haven’t seen it, you all definitely should!!

Now I will actually go to bed. I didn’t get much sleep last night and dad is gonna come over pretty early with some boxes and something from grandma and grandpa. I wonder what it is! He was actually here today with some wooden plates to put on the floor in the basement to avoid water damages whenever there’s a leakage which happens now and then.