Packing suitcases

In 36h I will be leaving this country again. I will go back to California and I am getting really excited. I’m starting to realize that this is really happening. This last week has gone by way too fast though. I have taking it very easy, playing a lot of computer games and also read a lot. And I’ve realized that I want to eat a lot of Swedish things before I leave, but it is too much for the few days left. I will end this stay in Sweden the same way I started it though, with Swedish pizza.

Today I packed my suitcases. Well, my check in bag and my carry-on. I managed to stay under 20kg which is Norwegian’s weight limit, but just with 3kg. That will be tough on the way home… I will leave a lot of things before going back home, but I will probably have to send a package home. My carry-on is so far only 4kg and can be 10. But I haven’t packed my computer yet and all my paper and everything else that is going in there. But I think it will be okay.

The other thing I did today was say goodbye to dad and Karin. We had a nice evening at the bar at the corner of my building. It wasn’t really a hard goodbye, I will see them so soon again. And I am secretly hoping that they will visit me :).

Right now I feel like playing Aion. I started playing that yesterday again after about 18 months. It is a similar game to Guild Wars but at the same time very different. I think Aion is a more complicated game than Guild Wars, but that might be because I’ve played Guild Wars for 7 years and Aion for three months. In Aion you can fly and there are instances which are PvPE, if you aren’t paying attention you will get killed by the other faction. Yesterday I also got my own house which I can decorate and stuff. I really wonder why they put that in an update a year ago. Kinda uneccesary in a MMORPG, but still fun since I like both killing monsters and building houses in The Sims. Aion is a very beautiful game, the graphic is better in GW, but the scenery in Aion is still amazing. The best thing about Aion is that it is free of charge. That’s actually why I started playing it 2 years ago, when they removed the monthly fee.

Instead of playing I will go to bed. I want to read and get a good night’s sleep. I didn’t sleep very many hours last night. And I have a day of cleaning tomorrow. In the afternoon I will move to mom’s and my brother will move in here. I hope he takes care of this amazing apartment.

Lunch with my brother

Yesterday I got up at 8:30 to put the meat in the oven. Felix and his girlfriend Sara was coming over to take a look at the apartment and eat lunch with me. Pulled cow was as good as pulled pork and they decided to take the apartment. Before they left they had applied for a couple of courses at Gothenburg University which is needed to stay in this apartment, even if it is just for ten months. I am relieved that this worked out, even if my brother wasn’t too excited about taking a German class in addition to all the other courses he will take at another school (which for some reason doesn’t count).

For the rest of the day I installed some computer games and played. I installed World of Goo and Spore. I played Spore until 3am last night which was a bit stupid. It is a fun game, but I can’t remember how to play the tribe stage. I don’t remember anything about it!

And speaking of computer games. The Sims 4 was released today! I am seriously thinking about buying it.

Today I was up early as well to do another interview for Cultural Care. On my way home I decided it was time to go to Liseberg and empty my locker.

At home I had leftovers from yesterday’s lunch and then I’ve played more Spore and also a bit RollerCoaster Tycoon 1. Then I got bored and watched Maleficient. That movie was amazing! So extremely sad and had kinda the same story as Frozen. Not an evil person, but a good person turning evil for a while. If you haven’t seen it, you all definitely should!!

Now I will actually go to bed. I didn’t get much sleep last night and dad is gonna come over pretty early with some boxes and something from grandma and grandpa. I wonder what it is! He was actually here today with some wooden plates to put on the floor in the basement to avoid water damages whenever there’s a leakage which happens now and then.