First day in Dubai

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my travels. This full post can be found here.

Being away from cold, work and stress in school is great. Today was supposed to be the coldest day this week with about 22 C. It will be a great week!

Yesterday we left Gothenburg at 7 am, spent 7 hours at the airport in Stockholm and then another (almost) seven hours on a pretty uncomfortable plane. I think the length of this flight is too short to require comfortableness. It was not very nice. But we had three seats all to ourselves so we could kinda lie down. We landed at 1 am local time, our taxi took us to the wrong Holiday Inn Express so we didn’t go to bed until 3am. Up again at 9 so we wouldn’t miss breakfast and then we got fooled by the hotel that gave us a taxi which took the long way to the beach so we had to pay about twice as much as it would have costed. Whatever!

We spent a few hours at the JBR beach, we both got burned. It was a nice beach, the water was warm, probably 23 C or something. But it was a bit windy so we only got in the water once and left around 4pm to have early dinner at Panda Express. I have to say, that Dubai is very international, all the fast food chains from California is here, and it doesn’t feel at all like an Arabic country (except for the Arabic letters everywhere). It feels like my second home, I like it. After dinner we walked around on JBR at the Walk which is a strip right next to the beach where tons of stores and restaurants. This place was pretty far away from where we live, definitely the touristy place of Dubai. We walked around a lot, bought some food to snack on tonight and then  we found a nice taxi who took us to the hotel up north, kinda close to Burj Khalifa.

We are so tired, long day of traveling yesterday, and a lot of walking today, so now we will chill with a movie, fall asleep and prepare for a day at Dubai Mall tomorrow with Burj Khalifa afterwards.

20160116_023323 PANO_20160116_181911 20160116_121542 20160116_133843 20160116_133848 20160116_135712 You know you are in an Arabic country when camels are walking on the beach.20160116_154215 JBR The Walk.20160116_163602 Jumeirah.20160116_175101 JBR The Beach.IMG_20160116_164857 IMG_20160116_172308 IMG_20160116_172314 IMG_20160116_173012 IMG_20160116_174247 It’s too bad they are building so much out in the water, it ruins the sunset…IMG_20160116_174636 IMG_20160116_180223 A chrome Lamborghini. All the cars here are extremely fancy pancy, but this one was a little bit better.IMG_20160116_180641IMG_20160116_181907 IMG_20160116_183708 IMG_20160116_183758 PANO_20160116_163328 PANO_20160116_164340 PANO_20160116_172655 PANO_20160116_172741 PANO_20160116_174657 PANO_20160116_175014 PANO_20160116_175513 12583606_1059748967380445_1723920627_n IMG_20160116_204548This is a very international city, so why not try stuff from other countries? This basil seed drink is from Thailand.

Dive #7 Les Moyades

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my travels. This full post can be found here.

Today was the nicest days we have had. Cloudless and so warm we were constantly sticky, and now we are both very red. I did put on sunscreen but I guess I should have done it more often than I did. It is not too bad, but it is definitely red.

IMG_20150811_064514Morning in Marseille.

My day started 6:30 am to get ready to go on two adventures. First, get myself to the dive center with the local buses. I am always nervous about doing that, but it worked out fine and I got there on time. The dive center had two companies working there and I went with Aquadomia and the two main people could speak English really well. It felt so nice to speak English here. I was a bit sceptic about this before. How could it only cost 89 euros and include everything? All the rented equipment, including a dive computer, and a boat dive as well. I am surprised and happy! It was a pretty short dive though, but it was still so worth it. The dive site was called Les Moyades and was in the national park (since two years) Calanques. We pretty much just dove around a rock and I really enjoyed the dive. It was only 31 minutes, and I kinda wished we could have been under longer. But we saw some pretty cool stuff like moray, starfishes, sea urchins, a scorpionfish, and lots of schools of Saloma. We saw some other specific fish too, but I am too lazy to get out of the couch and get my dive log, haha!

The surface temperature was apparently cold today, only 17C, and the bottom temperature 15C. I didn’t think it was cold at all, I was actually really warm when we were done. When I was on the boat, waiting to fall backward into the water I was burning up, sitting there in a 6.5mm wetsuit in that hot sun. I was scared of getting a heat stroke. So the “cold” water was welcome. The maximum depth today was 18 meters, that’s the deepest I’ve ever been before. Because of the great visibility, 20m+ it didn’t feel too scary.

We took a very fast boat out there and it was just so nice with the wind. But I was a bit afraid of falling over board, haha! We were back at the dive center around noon, I cleaned my equipment, filled out my log book and thanked the two guys (one was Vincent, but the other had such a French name I honestly don’t know what it was) and went back. It went smooth going back and I even got a couple of French tourist girls asking me for a specific beach. What’s crazy is that I actually knew where it was and told them how to get there and that they had to change bus on the way, haha!

DCIM100GOPROG0010805.Scirpionfish. DCIM100GOPROG0010720. DCIM100GOPROG0010726. DCIM100GOPROG0010734. DCIM100GOPROG0010775.Cool blue stuff.DCIM100GOPROG0010784. DCIM100GOPROG0010804. Highlighted scorpionfish.DCIM100GOPROG0020829. DCIM100GOPROG0020844. DCIM100GOPROG0020835. Snapshot - 102 Moray in the crevice.Snapshot - 123 Sea urchins.Snapshot - 108 Snapshot - 114 Snapshot - 117 DCIM100GOPROG0050973. DCIM100GOPROG0050998. DCIM100GOPROG0051029. DCIM100GOPROGOPR1052. The rock we dove around.DCIM100GOPROGOPR1057. DCIM100GOPROGOPR1087.Turtle island to the right.

I met up with Axel in the park behind the building we live in. Sat there for a while and just chilled. Then we went up to the apartment and got ready for the excursion to Calanques National Parc. We went on a tourist boat and it was okay. The tour guide only spoke French which was not very fun, and there were too many people on the boat. But the scenery was pretty amazing! But the only thing I could think about was how badly I wanted to jump in the water. It was so blue and it was so hot under the gazing sun. I got burned, but this might have been my last chance of getting any sun, so why not. It is not too bad, but my shorts gave me a pretty bad new tanline…

IMG_20150811_163817 IMG_20150811_165213 IMG_20150811_165453  IMG_20150811_165520 IMG_20150811_165554 IMG_20150811_170020 IMG_20150811_170517 IMG_20150811_171250 IMG_20150811_171357 IMG_20150811_171515 IMG_20150811_171545 IMG_20150811_171604 IMG_20150811_171902 IMG_20150811_172636

The whole boat tour was 3.5 hours and we were back in the harbor at 7pm. Went straight to dinner and I had the best pasta carbonara I have ever had. Then we went to the same park by the building and watched the sunset. It was a very beautiful sunset.

IMG_20150811_185000 I almost feel bad for taking this selfie in the mirror thing down in old port…IMG_20150811_190628 The square where we had dinner today.hdr_00027_0hdr_00030_0

Then back up and I looked through the videos from the dive. They weren’t as good as I hoped. The blue color is not even close to what it was in real life. And the pictures are kinda blurry. Well well, it’s at least something.

Ponto Beach/Pacific Beach/La Jolla/sunset surfing

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Wow, the last two days were so eventful and I am tired out of my mind right now. If you feel like you need a vacation after your vacation, you did the right thing on your vacation! I have had an amazing time in San Diego and I can’t wait to go back, which I will hopefully do at least one more time before I go back to Sweden. I know I didn’t take San Diego for granted a single day when I lived there, but it still feels like I did, because every time I go here I fall more and more in love with it.

The past two days has been full of San Diego adventures. Friday was all about hanging out on Ponto Beach with Pelle (Swedish exchange student at Cal Poly). It was a very nice day, no pelican poop, 86F on land, 62F in the water, not a single cloud during the whole day. No dolphins unfortunately. Later in the afternoon a few people from the beach volleyball group at Ponto came and set up nets and played. I didn’t join because I had to go home and get myself ready for going out in PB with Helena in the evening. I ran into Chad there, first time I saw him since we said goodbye at the SD airport more than a year ago. It was nice to see him again.

Ponto BeachPonto Beach for the first time since January 2014! ❤ It is not a very special beach to most people, but to me this is the most special beach in all of San Diego. This is where I played beach volleyball, and met a lot of fun people, this is the beach where I always spotted dolphins, and it was always empty.Sunset over CarlsbadFriday’s sunset over Carlsbad! I think everyone following my blog knows by now that I love sunset!

I left the beach at like 5:30pm, back home I showered and packed for the night and today and picked up Helena for dinner at 8. We met up with another German girl at In N Out, first time for both of them. Delicious as always! We then bought drink ingredients at Vons and made a Solero drink at home before taking an Uber to PB (Pacific Beach, the party area of San Diego). We first went to Tavern, a place I really liked because they played good music. We then moved on to Duck Dive which was Helena’s favorite place. The music and people there were weirder. The people might have been because it was later in the night and they were more drunk. But I wasn’t very drunk at all and didn’t enjoy it as much as I probably could have. I can definitely see myself having fun there though, more fun than in downtown SD. The people in PB are young. But on the other hand, I am not much of a party person anymore. I have realized that I would much rather wake up not hungover the day after and do stuff, like surfing. It was still a fun evening and I am glad I finally went out in PB, what everyone kept talking about all the time last year.

We got a ride from some random creepy guys, but we used them and just said goodbye when they dropped us off. But it took a while for them to go away and stop ringing the doorbell. Creepy. But I fell asleep as soon as my head it the pillow. Helena’s house is by the way incredible! It’s humungous and so nicely decorated inside. Helena’s bathroom was ridiculous, she even has radio in her shower, which is also a tub with jets. Only a little bit jealous, haha.

This morning Helena made breakfast for both of us (the third girl didn’t drink and drove home late last night) and that was so sweet of her. Avocado/scrambled eggs bagels. Yummy!

We drove to La Jolla Shores and I am so thankful she knows an old German family right there on the beach so we could park in their driveway. It is a pain in the butt to find parking there. I think you have to go there at like 7-8am to get a pretty decent spot. It’s so stupid. I hate parking here (one of very few bad things about SD). We lay down close to the surf tent and I read a little bit, finished a 100-page cross-over story between Percy Jackson and Carter Kane and then started the second short cross-over story and after that one (which I will probably be done with tonight) I will start reading Artemis Fowl.

Before Johanna came we just lay on the beach, I read some, took some naps, and went in the water with just our feet once. It was cold and with the cloudy sky I would not warm up enough to go all the way in. Fortunately it cleared up later in the day and the day ended in a very beautiful way. Johanna came at 2pm and soon thereafter we put on wetsuits (I had my own with me this time) and went out in the water. It was Helena and Jessica’s (the German girl from last night) first time surfing and they got tired pretty fast and went up after not even an hour. I stayed the longest, more than two hours. It was not the best conditions for surfing today, the current were extreme and it was hard to just be in the water. But I managed to stand up several times and I would say that it went almost as good this time as last time.

The waves got better in the evening and Johanna and I decided to go out one more time, during the sunset. It was so amazing! The waves were better so we both did much better than earlier in the afternoon. And the sunset was sooo pretty! I wish I had had my GoPro with me for that. Watching the sunset from the water was something I had never done before (not that I can remember anyway), and it was incredible. Definitely not the last time I did that, but next time I will bring my GoPro.

La Jolla Shores Resting between surf sessions.Sunset surfing on La Jolla ShoresPre sunset surfing.La Jolla Shores Post sunset surfing. Johanna and I posing in front of a sunset that was much more beautiful in real life. The person who invents a camera that can capture exactly what we see is gonna be the richest man on Earth!La Jolla Shores La Jolla Shores I love sunsets!La Jolla Shores

On my way home I picked up Panda Express and then watched an episode of Arrow while eating a very late dinner. It was a nice evening. I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. Surfing is energy consuming.

I think I will pack everything now, so I can sleep a little bit longer in the morning. Or I can sleep in the car, we have a few hours to kill there, haha!


This first and last spring break of mine has been the best! Especially the last part. San Diego will always be my second home ❤

Pirate’s Cove

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Sorry blog for being so lazy on updating lately. I’ve been busy with sorting through all my digital books since I found this amazing program called Calibre where you easily can change the metadata, convert epub to/from pdf without any struggles and also change the context in the file, so freaking cool! I’ve been really into this the last few nights, but now I am done with it all and can get back to my normal life again.

This week has actually been pretty bad. Surprisingly many symptoms of my mono in form of one of the worst headaches I’ve ever had, fever, and more fatigue than ever before during this sickness. Today and yesterday I’ve been fine though. I actually went to the health center yesterday, and after talking to the doctor for a while about everything that’s been going on, she came to the conclusion that I am under a lot of stress right now (not from school, but from life), and my sleep is getting affected by this. So without any hesitation she prescribed sleeping pills that I can pick up on Monday. I’ve been thinking a lot about my future lately, should I go back home, should I stay? What will happen to my apartment back home in Sweden if I stay? What will happen if I stay and then have to go back home during the process of the HB-1 visa? I am thinking way too much, I’ve realized that too. And I have come to the realization that it doesn’t matter. Everything will work out in the end the way it was supposed to. I have applied for two jobs down in San Diego, I have an apartment that I will most likely get, a car as well. If it doesn’t work out with the jobs, I will be totally fine with going back home, move back in with mom, work the whole summer, save up some money for the first time ever, and then take whatever happens after that.

Right now I have to live in the now. (Which is what I have been doing up until a month ago)


So to make myself not think about all of this I’ve spent this whole day at the beach. It’s been really warm today, 80F. The water only 57F, but that didn’t stop me from going in the water several times. Very refreshing. First time at Pirate’s Cove beach today, which is also a nude beach, and I have to say that I was more uncomfortable that I thought I would be. But it was a small beach, right under cliffs, and very pretty. And when I focused on my book it wasn’t that bad.

We then “hiked” up to the actual cave and sat down for almost an hour, waiting for the sunset. It set behind the Avila hill, but it was still beautiful, and warm, and otters where swimming in the water below. This is definitely one of the reasons (maybe the biggest?) that I really want to stay in California.

Pirate's Cove nude beach Pirate's Cove To the left on the big rock is Pirate’s Cove.Pirate's Cove Pirate's Cove Pirate's Cove Other side of the cave. Avila in the distance. Pirate's Cove Pirate's Cove sunset Normal photo of the sunset.Pirate's Cove HDR photo of the sunset.California sunsetWhen the sun was down the whole Avila hill was glowing!

Shell Beach sunsetHere’s a photo from last night’s sunset at Shell Beach. The sunsets and the beaches make me so calm and relaxed. I wish I could have spent more time at the beach this year.

Study at the library

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I don’t know if you guys know this, but I am not very fond of the library. I don’t know why, but I guess I like my own room better even if there are more distractions here. But today I had too much that needed to be done so I spent four hours there with Matt. I actually got a lot of stuff done. First I looked at what my partner had written for the report that is due tomorrow afternoon. It looked good, so I finished the reading for the Urban Planning quiz (we have one quiz before every class (twice a week)) and then did the quiz. 97%, not too bad. Then I wrote down ten German verbs and conjugated all of them. We have a quiz tomorrow on the prepositions and ten verbs. I hope that will go well. I feel like I know it all, but I am not good at forming sentences. Cross your fingers for me!

At 11 I felt that I was done, so I went out in the cold and headed home. Here I have watched funny cat videos and put together several different potential schedules for next quarter. I am waiting for responses from several people about different classes. But I have all my options saved so when February 10th comes, I will be ready to enroll. I am hoping for CRP 214 – Land Use and Transportation Studies, ENVE 331 – Introduction to Environmental Engineering, GER 103 – Elementary German III, and CRP 409 – Planning Internship. I am also considering KINE 181 – First Aid/CPR/AED on top of all of those to renew my certification. But I am not sure about that yet (it is two extra hours every week). The Environmental Planning Methods that I wanted to take only covers the California laws when it comes to planning, so it might not benefit be at all if I don’t end up here. And that one was also early mornings and 4 hours each time, so I want to take the Land Use class instead. Better times and seems better suited for me no matter where I end up. I hope I can take the Environmental Engineering class too, but that is completely up to my advisor at Chalmers. I think that environmental engineering is definitely good for all types of engineers. But I am patiently waiting for my advisor’s email reply. If it is not okay, then I will just take a class called CE 421 – Traffic Engineering and have three out of five very early mornings, and also have class on Friday’s. Let’s cross all your fingers again for this NOT to happen! I also want to take the Planning Internship class which will give me at least 60 hours of work experience in planning, and also 2 units to my transcript. But it might be too late to find a company to work for even if I got a thumbs-up from my advisors here at Cal Poly regarding my visa status. If I get that internship, it could be my way in to stay permanently in California. But if I don’t, it just means that I have to contact companies directly and apply for a real job directly instead. Probably more work, but since I really want this, I am ready to put the effort into it.

I’ve been very productive today, and I will end this long day with the latest episode of The Flash and then prepare for a long long day tomorrow (Thursday’s are the worst, 6 hours of consecutive lectures, no breaks, and all in different parts of campus of course).

German quiz 2 This is my German quiz #2. Don’t mind all the errors. But read the questions. My German teacher is the best! Today in class he had brought a light saber and a sonic screwdriver, he also went on an on about a guy’s feral cat invasion in his house and joked about it. I have never laughed in class as much as I do in his class (he is a good teacher too and teach us so much). Heil Edler Graf von Anderson!California sunsetI can’t get enough of beautiful sunsets and they seem to be endless here. I love it! They make me happy.

Beach and banana bread

It is January, isn’t it? Today it definitely didn’t feel like it. The afternoon was spent at Avila Beach with Matt and his friends and it was like any other Swedish summer days. Maybe a little bit colder, but not much. We played a lot of beach volleyball, Kan Jam (which is a Frisbee game, actually pretty fun), and then ended the day by going in the water. I still find it incredible that it is even possible to be at the beach in January, and go in the water even! I can’t say that it was warm, but after a while of just standing there, watching the sun get lower and lower in the sky, it didn’t feel cold anymore and I jumped in. According to internet it was 60F (15.5C), which is cold. But definitely not too cold. Maybe I am embracing my Swedish Viking heritage more when I am away from home?

We stayed until the sun set and on our way back the whole sky was the most amazing pink color I have ever seen a sunset be. It was so beautiful!

It was a very fun day anyway. I spent two hours at Matt house trying to get warm, he cooked dinner for me and then drove me home. The plan tonight was to hit downtown, but no one wanted to except me and Toby, so we will do it tomorrow instead and try to recruit more people.

So instead of going downtown I spent a lot of my time awake baking. First I baked white chocolate macadamia nut cookies for Rachel (and I got two) so she could pay with that instead of money to the line dancing thing. And then I baked banana bread for the very first time, and also from scratch. It turned out delicious! Why haven’t I ever baked that before?

I made my sweet cravings go down, now I am very super full and totally ready to go to bed and watch an episode of The 100. It is Saturday, 11pm, and there is nothing wrong with that even for a college student!

Pint night

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Last night was a very fun evening. My second pint night since I moved to SLO. The first one was the first week of school last quarter.

I went down there at 9pm with Måns, Pelle and Toby and met up with people down there. We thought we were early but when we got to SLO brew the line was enormous! Fortunately we found some of our neighbors halfway to the entrance and sneakily cut the line. No one noticed. We probably saved ourselves an hour. It still took us an hour to get in, good thing it wasn’t too cold. And the company was great. After a little while Matt joined us too. We got in and bought cheap beer. It was extremely crowded in there and very loud, but when we finally got a table as far away from the bar as possible it was easier to talk. It was the five of us who hung out the whole evening. The three Swedes, the German and American. I am a little bit embarrassed to admit that we spoke a lot of Swedish. But it was just one night, I will go back to my normal English (and weird-feeling Swedish) as soon as Måns has left tomorrow. I don’t know exactly when he is leaving, if he stays so we can go to Farmer’s Market or if he wants to stay even longer and go to line dancing. He should, but he also has a long drive down to LA. We will see. I have a long day in school first, noon to 6pm without any breaks except for the 10 minutes between classes. I don’t think I will be a big fan of Thursdays this quarter.

Before pint night yesterday I had my first day of classes. It started with Introduction to Urban Planning at noon to 2pm. It seems like an interesting class, but a lot of work. There are only two midterms, no final, two assignments, so not too bad. BUT, we do have readings before every class. Just skip the reading you say? Nope, because we also have a quiz before every class (which is twice a week). So this time I will have to do all the reading. Ugh… This morning I read more than 20 pages and took the quiz between my two classes today. I got 88% because the short answer questions needed to have the exact phrasing. I knew the answers, but typing it wrong many times. Annoying.

My second class was German and I can already say that I love that class and that it will be my favorite class this quarter. I didn’t miss anything on Monday, the teacher just talked about the syllabus. And yesterday he went through all of last quarter briefly. I recognized everything so I don’t think I will have any problems at all with this step 2 class. And the teacher is funny. A very important trait with teachers. He made us laugh all the time, and he seems to know most of the students since last quarter.

Right after class Lauren, Måns, and I went to Slodoco to buy 23 donuts for Rachel’s 23rd birthday yesterday. She got really happy! And now we all have donuts to eat whenever. Not too good… But still very good!

Then Måns and I went to Pismo Beach to watch the sunset, and it was a glorious Californian sunset. No clouds and it was warm. Oh yeah, the whole day had been really warm. Like a summer day. Almost 30C. Winter? Nope, SLO goes straight for summer. I love it! I was afraid it was gonna be cold when I got back from the Caribbean. Today has been as nice, but I was at home most of the day and didn’t go out until in the afternoon. Still very nice though.

Pismo Beach Pismo Beach Pismo Beach Pismo Beach Pismo Beach seals Seals were swimming right next to the pier.Pismo BeachPismo Beach

After the beach I bought food since I threw everything out when I left for winter break. Pizza was ordered for dinner and I took a hot shower with our new showerhead the maintenance guys put in over the break. Awesome!


Today was another day of school. I did the reading, went to my German class (where we watched an old 40’s movie about post World War II), and then took the quiz, and went to my first Public Transportation class. The teacher talked extremely fast, and he was Indian so I had to really focus on what he was saying. What I hear was that we don’t have any class next week, yay! And he also talked about the different public transit modes for an hour and a half. I talked to him afterward and I was still in the class, thank god!

I went back home, watched the last part of Sex Tape with Måns, and then he started cooking dinner. He made poppy seed salmon with haricot vert/ginger/honey pasta. It was delicious!! For dessert he made us Swedish pancakes with strawberry jam and ice cream. Very appreciated and so nice of him. I am still full and this was three hours ago.

After that Toby and Aiden stopped by and hung out for a while. We all played Trivia Crack against each other and it was just a very nice evening.

And now it is past midnight so I should go to bed. Not that I have anything to do before noon.

Bishops Peak plus moon Yesterday morning I had to go up really early to buy a parking permit for Måns, and on our way back to my apartment we saw Bishops Peak and the moon.Måns cooking

Last day in paradise

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

The weather today was the best it has been since I got to Jamaica. The sky clear blue, a few lonely clouds here and there, but it never got in the way of the sun. It was hot, very very hot! Don’t know how many degrees, but the sun was burning like I’ve never felt before. I even got a tiny bit of sun rash on my thighs if I stayed out of the water for too long during the midday hours. I was in the water a lot!

I was at the beach with the guy I talked to yesterday. It was nice with some company on my last day. I still read a lot. I finished Graceling yesterday and read a fourth of the second book, Fire. This one is so far better than the first and what’s awesome is that they aren’t connected. It is the same land, but two different stories. Maybe they will intertwine eventually, I don’t know.

I enjoyed every last second of the sun and watched the sunset and then went back to my new hotel. This morning I walked the 400m to my new hotel with my suitcase and checked in and actually got my room right away. Not the best room ever, and the AC is not working, nor is the toilet. But whatever. It is only for the night. But I should probably complain about the toilet, maybe I will get a little bit back?

For dinner I went to a place called Marguerites. It was a very nice seafood restaurant and the food was amazing! We saw a huge shooting star (I am not completely convinced it was a shooting star, but it is the most reasonable explanation). There will be a big meteor shower tonight according to I Fucking Love Science on Facebook. If I wasn’t this tired I would sit on the balcony (with an almost amazing view as Polkerris) and lookout for them. But I should probably go to bed not too late. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. My flight leaves at noon, and I will land at 9:45pm in SLO (the time difference makes it 13 hours). I can’t wait to be back home! I hope it will go as fast as the trip here did. Two layovers, first in Charlotte, NC, then Phoenix, AZ.

It’s been the best trip ever! I’ve seen so much and I’ve had so much fun (even if I most of the times were all by myself, but I enjoy my own company sometimes and I needed to be alone for a while). Now I am ready to go home and start my second quarter at Cal Poly.

This is the link to the video Michael did of his four days here. Everything we did (including my cliff jump) is on there with some good music:

Last breakfast at Polkerris  One cloud The sky looked like this all day!Coconut water Coconut waterBaptizing Baptizing on a beach in Jamaica, why not?!Last Caribbean sunset Last sunset TAN Yep, I’ve proven it, a Swedish girl can get tan after 23 days in sunny Caribbean! 😉

Getting tan and bored

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

My second to last day here in paradise and I have to admit that I am getting bored. It is beautiful and amazing and I can never get rid of the feeling of sand between my toes and this warm and crystal clear water. But I am getting ants in my pants. I wasn’t tired today so I was in the water a lot and I also read a lot, finished half the book and now I am almost done with it. I will hopefully finish it tonight.

The day was perfect again, not many clouds and warm and awesome. I think I have gotten a lot tanner the past two days. My face is covered in freckles and the underside of my feet look very white, and so does my butt and boobs. I love being tan, it’s a “fräsh” feeling.

And that was today, and I think tomorrow will be exactly the same, except that I will sleep at another hotel. Oh, and for the record, if anyone goes to Montego Bay, stay at Polkerris Bed and Breakfast. The couple owning this place are the sweetest, the breakfast is amazing, the view of every room is gorgeous, and it is just a nice place to stay!

Doc Cave sunset I love sunsets! ❤Cruise ship leaving the bayI didn’t see this tiny cruise ship arrive this morning, but I did see it leave. This is the view from my new room, not too bad!

First day of 2015

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Who pushed the forward button on today’s remote? The day was gone in an instant! I might have fallen asleep once or twice or more times, and I probably slept for longer than I expected. Eh, that happens. It was a great day nonetheless. I got up at 8:30, had breakfast while watching the new cruise ship coming in to the bay. Then I packed my stuff to change room when I got back from the beach and walked there. Since I got there early I was pretty much alone. And I am so glad I got there early, otherwise I would have missed the big and very visible rainbow. It was cloudy, but they went away and the day turned perfect. I read a lot in my new book, Graceling. I will try to finish it before I leave. Five books in three weeks is not too bad.

I had sweet potato fries and a mango daiquiri for lunch and I stayed and watched the sunset. It was as beautiful as always and on my way back to the hotel I bought a cute tank top. I also got a lot of questions if I wanted to buy drugs. These people are crazy.

My new room isn’t as nice as the one I had, but it works. The shower isn’t nearly as nice as the other one. But this is just for two more nights. I only have two more full days here in the Caribbean and then I will be going back home to California. I look forward to it. This trip has been the best ever, but I feel ready to go back home. I really look forward to have Matt pick me up at the airport on Sunday evening.


And here comes the mandatory review of the past year for every blogger. I had a great year, there were definitely some parts I could have been without, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?! I started 2014 with my last couple of weeks with my hostfamily in San Diego and then 3 weeks on Hawaii. And in paradise is where I ended the year too. In between I had the best summer job ever where I met a lot of fun people, and then I moved back to California. My first quarter was my best one in school so far. Living the American college life is so much fun and I kinda don’t want it to end. After the next two quarters my new real grownup life starts and I am not ready for that. This year will definitely be different from all my other so far, but I am sure it will be as great as the last two have been.

Happy New Year!

IMG_20150101_090008 These cruise ships bring so many people. Doc’s Cave isn’t that big. The beach was packed today again.IMG_20150101_100148 “The Hip Strip” in Montego Bay.IMG_20150101_100510 At 9am you are almost alone.IMG_20150101_101230 IMG_20150101_142451IMG_20150101_172627