Pokémon GO raids

I think Pokémon GO is getting more popular again after everything that Niantic did this summer. I think it is great, and especially the latest thing with legendary raids. Everyone wants them, they are here for a limited time, and that means that people are getting very social and friendly with strangers. I like it a lot!

Today, I was out with one of my co-workers from Liseberg after work. We met up with groups, took down the boss and caught it afterward. He had somewhere to be at 7pm so I walked around myself. At one raid in Slottskogen, I ran into an old friend from high school. I then went to downtown where a Lugia and Zapdos were right next to each other. I went back and forth, doing both of themm twice, once for me, once for my boyfriend. There was one family with two kids, probably 3 and 5 years old. The youngest girl really liked me. She was so cute. She gave me candy, hid from me and was just the most adorable kid ever.

On top of having a new fan, the parents and everyone around were so friendly. Everyone wished everyone good luck when it was time to capture it and so on. I wonder how this game will be when these legendaries are gone. I have only done one level4 raid (legendaries are 5), but I hope people will continue to meet up after this event to do those. I would love to get another Tyranitar for example and a better Venosaur.

I like Pokémon GO, it makes you go out and walk (I have walked 2335 km with the app for the past year) and it makes you talk to people and be social in a completely different way than you usually would. I miss my Pokégo-partner. I hope he is having a great time up in the far far north of Sweden with his dad!

One day in Denmark

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my travels. This full post can be found here.

Today, Jesper and I did the most spontaneous trip abroad ever. We went to Denmark today and we decided it late last night. We have decided to do more stuff together this year and it has started well so far. Yesterday, even though Jesper was hungover like an egg, we went out for dinner last night and then went Pokemon hunting after spending the day on the couch watching Storks and Secret Life of Pets. It was a good day.

Also, New Years Eve was fun. We had some people over for dinner and games. And for the first time since my 24th birthday I actually had a little to drink. And I didn’t feel sick, so three 4% ciders works. Good to know. It got late, but it was a really fun evening.

So, back to today. We took the ferry at 8 am over to Fredrikshamn in northern Denmark. Three hours on a ferry actually made me a bit seasick. It was a relief to get out on the ground where we did a little bit of shopping. They had some fun home decoration shops. We drink a lot of tea, so we bought some tea, and a cute teabag plate. We also got an ice cream scoop, some small glass bottles for sand from future beaches. We then had a fika at a café which was also close to a Pokéstop and from those 40 minutes we learned that Fredrikshamn is full of electric Pokémons, weird I have to say.

We actually only stayed in Denmark for two hours, but now we get to scrape another country on our scratch map. Stena Line is by the way very cheap right now, so we barely paid anything for our tickets. What cost a little bit was the buffet on the ferry back. We had the best seats with an ocean view and it was a nice dinner.

Now we are both very tired, it has been two eventful days in this new year so far.

img_20170102_114909 img_20170102_115351 screenshot_20170102-125053 img_20170102_122331 img_20170102_133222 img_20170102_154041 img_20161230_235433 And here is a picture of my two cats doing this exact thing again. Ramses opens the book shelf, jumps in and Cleo is outside and very jealous.

The Legendary Dragonite

Tonight I reached level 27 in Pokémon Go. Many people have stopped playing that game, but as with everything for me, it is either all in or nothing. Guild Wars = all in! Aion = naah. Pokémon Go = yeah! So I am one of the loyal players of Pokémon right now. I think the game is great, I walk more now, and with updates coming all the time, the game gets interesting again every month or so. The buddy system that came a while ago was huge. But the latest update which didn’t seem like much actually did something enormous as well. The nests where the Pokémons pop up are now revealing more uncommon Pokémons and especially the evolved versions. Like today for example, I caught a Wigglytuff, Gengar and a Dewgong within 20 minutes of each other. And right before those I saw a 2400 CP Dragonite. Funny story that I thought deserved a blog post.

So, a while ago, when the game was rather new, I guess it was in July-something and I was probably level 21 something. My boyfriend was just below me and his sister level 15. We went Pokémon hunting in Slottskogen here in Gothenburg. Lots of lure in one place so we sat down, and soon heard someone scream Dragonite. One of the rarest Pokémons in the game. We saw it. Mine was 400 CP. Jesper’s was 47 and Nathalie’s was ???. For Jesper it was easy-peasy, didn’t take many tries to get it. I thought mine would be fairly easy, but to be on the safe side I started with an Ultra Ball right away (Pokéball<Great Ball<Ultra Ball). I used all my Ultra Balls (around 20), some of my Great Balls (15-ish maybe) and it escaped. Nathalie (who is only 12 years old) used all her Great Balls on it, and decided to try with a normal Pokéball. And she gets it, and the CP turns out to be 800 something. So unfair!!

Story number 2. Several months later without even spotting Dragonite again (and yet it seems like everyone in this stupid town has it because all the gyms have at least one), I saw one that was in the area. And I noticed that right when I sat down on the tram to go to the train station to go to work after school. Was today finally going to be the day when I got my Dragonite? I didn’t have time to get off the train. So I went off at the next stop, jumped on a new one to go back to try and catch it. I found it directly, and it had 2400 CP! Crazy! Once again I started with Ultra Balls, but I could only use 2 before it ran away. Twice now. So unfair! I think the game felt sorry for me though, because within an hour I had caught not one… not two… but three fully-evolved Pokémons. Gengar, Wigglytuff and Dewgong.

It is great that rarer Pokémons spawn now, and I hope Dragonite will come more often than every three months. I want it!! It’s annoying to have 122 Pokémons in my Pokédex, but have seen 123. Not too many left until I have them all (151).

Stupid, addicting game.


New job

I think I have written something about this new job that I would get this fall. Well, three days have passed already with preparing for the upcoming school year. I feel rather confident with the role as a teacher that I will have. We are three brand new teachers (who never ever worked as teachers before) and we all got the teacher education (which is normally 5-6 years) in 2 days. The other teachers there are very helpful, but when it comes to the planning of my 3 courses I am pretty much on my own. I have read the course syllables and they feel strict, but at the same time I can do whatever as long as I go through all the points in the central contents and test the students on the grade requirements. I am glad my classes don’t start until August 31st. That gives me 2 week to prepare. I am surprised that 3 full classes are only 30% work. It feels like a lot.

The school anyway is a small computer game developing high school where I will have one course in each year. Basic engineering for the first-years, CAD for the second-years, and Construction for the third-years.

This week is full time with preparations, next week the students are arriving and I will there to greet the new ones on Monday and then I have 2 days off (after 8 straight days of work) to prepare and I think my own studies start that same week. I will only take 2 classes this fall since I can transfer the 3 German classes I took in California. That will be so nice, study 50% and work the rest and make more money and make my debt smaller. I just hope that UCSD will be able to send my transcript to Chalmers and that it will work out, otherwise I am pretty screwd since I have now only applied for two classes and 50% loans. Otherwise I have to take one more class before getting my Master of Science.


I think it will be a fun fall. I will probably play less Pokemon Go (I am halfway to lvl 25) when it gets colder, and that will probably make me play more Guild Wars 2 (one of my new co-workers play as well, so that’s awesome!) and read more. I am almost finished with the last book in the Unfortunate Events series, but before I write my first book review I need to come up with a template that I will follow. Maybe I will do that now. I am too tired to keep doing the school planning now, there’s another day tomorrow.