The Legendary Dragonite

Tonight I reached level 27 in Pokémon Go. Many people have stopped playing that game, but as with everything for me, it is either all in or nothing. Guild Wars = all in! Aion = naah. Pokémon Go = yeah! So I am one of the loyal players of Pokémon right now. I think the game is great, I walk more now, and with updates coming all the time, the game gets interesting again every month or so. The buddy system that came a while ago was huge. But the latest update which didn’t seem like much actually did something enormous as well. The nests where the Pokémons pop up are now revealing more uncommon Pokémons and especially the evolved versions. Like today for example, I caught a Wigglytuff, Gengar and a Dewgong within 20 minutes of each other. And right before those I saw a 2400 CP Dragonite. Funny story that I thought deserved a blog post.

So, a while ago, when the game was rather new, I guess it was in July-something and I was probably level 21 something. My boyfriend was just below me and his sister level 15. We went Pokémon hunting in Slottskogen here in Gothenburg. Lots of lure in one place so we sat down, and soon heard someone scream Dragonite. One of the rarest Pokémons in the game. We saw it. Mine was 400 CP. Jesper’s was 47 and Nathalie’s was ???. For Jesper it was easy-peasy, didn’t take many tries to get it. I thought mine would be fairly easy, but to be on the safe side I started with an Ultra Ball right away (Pokéball<Great Ball<Ultra Ball). I used all my Ultra Balls (around 20), some of my Great Balls (15-ish maybe) and it escaped. Nathalie (who is only 12 years old) used all her Great Balls on it, and decided to try with a normal Pokéball. And she gets it, and the CP turns out to be 800 something. So unfair!!

Story number 2. Several months later without even spotting Dragonite again (and yet it seems like everyone in this stupid town has it because all the gyms have at least one), I saw one that was in the area. And I noticed that right when I sat down on the tram to go to the train station to go to work after school. Was today finally going to be the day when I got my Dragonite? I didn’t have time to get off the train. So I went off at the next stop, jumped on a new one to go back to try and catch it. I found it directly, and it had 2400 CP! Crazy! Once again I started with Ultra Balls, but I could only use 2 before it ran away. Twice now. So unfair! I think the game felt sorry for me though, because within an hour I had caught not one… not two… but three fully-evolved Pokémons. Gengar, Wigglytuff and Dewgong.

It is great that rarer Pokémons spawn now, and I hope Dragonite will come more often than every three months. I want it!! It’s annoying to have 122 Pokémons in my Pokédex, but have seen 123. Not too many left until I have them all (151).

Stupid, addicting game.


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