Aboard the Volvo boats

Sunday was the last day of the week-long event down in Frihamnen. Once again I went there with mom and we met up with Solveig, mom’s friend. We started with standing in line for going aboard the racing boats. The line was long, but I don’t think it took more than an hour. We were assigned a boat (otherwise everyone would probably have wanted to go aboard the Swedish boat. But we got Abu Dhabi, the race winner. Not too bad either. I was surprised at both how big it seemd and also small. The inside was mostly black (and I think they all looked the same) and it didn’t look very comfortable. The toilet was in the middle of it all, only one thing to cook on, and the beds didn’t look nice at all. It must have been really tough being out there for twenty days for some of the legs.

IMG_20150628_135910 IMG_20150628_143535 Abu Dhabi from United Arab Emirates.IMG_20150628_141754 Alvimedica from USA/Turkey.IMG_20150628_141656 SCA from Sweden.IMG_20150628_143133 First room in the boat with the sinks and one cooking place.IMG_20150628_143058 Two of four beds in the first room.

IMG_20150628_142841The open bathroom in the second room, in the front. There were only beds there (from what I could see)IMG_20150628_143118 The room in the back with some beds.IMG_20150628_143124 Third room, in the back.IMG_20150628_143324 Control panel or something in the back.IMG_20150628_143356 The desk in the back room where the reporter worked.IMG_20150628_143454

When we were done we wanted to go aboard the big ship Götheborg, but no more people could get in line, so I will just have to do that another day.

The last couple of days I have written a ton of emails. This scholarship thing takes a lot of work. And today I found out that I won’t get my proof of graduation until October… hmm. I emailed the foundation and asked if it was possible to apply anyway, but their office is closed until August. This sucks, but I mean, how fun would life be if everything went one’s way? I’m sure it will work out. Like every time I have really wanted something.

Volvo Ocean Race In-Port Race

Sorry blog for being a bit inactive this week but it has been a very weird week. I have had a very annoying cold, still have. And I have been busy with trying to find scholarships, unpacking and just doing stuff. I don’t even know, but I’ve been busy.

On Wednesday I went downtown and met up with Axel for the first time since November when I briefly saw him in LA. We went for a fika and it was so nice to see him again!

Thursday, hmm, nothing I think? Friday evening was movie night with Axel and two of his cool friends. We had dinner at Danilo first, the restaurant inside the movie theatre. And then we saw Mad Max. It was an okay movie, but it was kinda long. But it was a fun evening and I liked his friends.

I couldn’t fall asleep last night because my heels were itching from the blisters after diving and Stuff went crazy in my boxes in my room. I don’t know what she did but she made hella lot of noise and I couldn’t fall asleep until like 4am. I closed the door, I thought, but they opened it and I found them in my room when I woke up. Next time I will have to make sure that it is 100% closed if I want it closed, haha. Sneaky cats… Not always nice and cuddly.

This morning I had to set an alarm. Mom, Axel and I were going to Långedrag to watch the In-Port Race in Volvo Ocean Race. Oscar II’s Fort was only open to SCA employees and their family. So we got really good seats and could see the whole race from the cliffs. I have never been out there so it was the start on my #TouristInGöteborg summer. It was also nice to see part of the Gothenburg archipelago again.

IMG_20150627_121955 IMG_20150627_120913 IMG_20150627_120929 IMG_20150627_121354 IMG_20150627_121301 PANO_20150627_121614

It was a grey day, but not too cold, and it only drizzled a little bit so we didn’t even get wet. It was actually a nice day. The SCA boat came in second in the race today and third in the whole In-Port Race part of Volvo Ocean Race (6/7 in the big competition). Not too bad. The Crown Princess of Sweden was on the SCA boat today, pretty cool.

IMG_20150627_131617 IMG_8729 IMG_8582 Älfsborgs fästning. I’m going there one day this summer :).IMG_8589 Ostindiefararen Götheborg.IMG_8626 IMG_8686 IMG_8706

After the competition I was super tired, but I had stuff to do today again. So no nap for me. I got my transcript from Cal Poly today so I emailed Chalmers, but the guy who is supposed to put my grades in the system is on vacation until August 10. That’s not good because I need my proof of graduation as soon as possible so I can apply for scholarships, and it can also be problematic with CSN (financial aid) if all my classes are not there soon. So I emailed another person and I hope she can help me with this.

Then I also sent in my grades to the university application website and I hope I will get accepted to the German class. It can also be problematic since I don’t have any grades from previous German studies here in Sweden. But I’m sure that will work out too.

Lastly, what I’ve done today is finish the travel report Johanna and I had to write about this year at Cal Poly. It turned out good I think. And when that one is approved we will get the last piece of our grant from Chalmers, 2500 SEK will be nice in September.

And now I will install The Sims 4, cross my fingers that it works, and play some before going to bed. Tomorrow mom and I are going down to the harbor again to get onboard the sailing boats, that will be fun.