Rejlers in Alicante day 1

I have now worked at Rejlers for a little bit more than a year. I can’t believe how fast time has flown. One year at my new workplace is celebrated in Spain with my coworkers on our RejTrip with the Buildings Divisions in Gothenburg (because we made such a great result last year).

The day started with me waking up next to Mikael and him playing Aretha Franklin’s “Freedom” on his phone. He has been excited to have the apartment all to himself for a few days, haha! Then Lisa and Johan came over to my place and mom picking us up to drive us to the airport.

40 or so people in RejTrip shirts at the airport was fun to see!

We checked in. Lisa and I got seats next to each other on the airplane. She slept for the most time and I read a lot in Elantris. Wow! So much happening that it was hard to stop. It’s incredible and I can’t wait until I’m done writing this so I can get back to reading it.

We landed at 14:30 in Alicante, took a shuttle bus to Albir Playa Hotel & Spa, 40 min northeast of Alicante where we will spend the next few days. The hotel is nice. It’s 1km walk to the beach, not too bad. The pool area is really nice.

After we checked in, Lisa, Andreas, Farid and I walked to the beach and hung out at a bar until it was time for dinner at the hotel. The beach was rocky, but beautiful. The water was so blue and there was a really nice beach walk.

The buffet at the hotel was large and I’m sure many things were delicious. But my stomach has been acting really badly lately (I actually was afraid last night that I would have to cancel my trip), so I went up to the room while everyone else went to the beach and some bars. I really don’t mind the alone time. These days will be tough for an introvert like me, social battery-wise.

It’s around 23C and according to weather apps it will be sunny for the duration of our whole trip. So nice!

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