Review of “Lord of Chaos” by Robert Jordan

Title: Lord of Chaos
Author: Robert Jordan
Series: Wheel of Time #6
Narrator: Michael Kramer and Kate Reading
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 41 hours 32 minutes
Published: 2004, MacMillan Audio (originally published 1994)
My Grade: 4 out of 5


Now ruling Tear, Andor, and Caemlyn, among other nations, Rand is recruiting all men capable of channeling to be trained as his Asha’man soldiers. The warrior Aiel clans have pledged loyalty to Rand, acknowledging him as their chief of chiefs, even though the Shaido Aiel remain a threat.

Split into two factions, the Aes Sedai of the White Tower and their rebel counterparts both seek to ally themselves with the Dragon Reborn. Rand knows all too well the manipulative nature of the Aes Sedai, no matter which side of their internal war they stand upon. But even he cannot predict just how desperate, cruel, and treacherous they can be.

And in the shadows, the Forsaken and the Dark One are conjuring even more chaos…



I guess there are two reasons why it took me 6 months to finish this audiobook, the sixth in the order. One of the reasons is that if was over 40 hours long, the other because it was kinda dull. I was prepared that the middle part of this series would be dragged out and that not much would happen. That statement is both correct and untrue. Things are happening, it’s just not things that I find interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I love world building and leaving this world behind for a while when reading/listening to a book. But when the world building mostly consists of political situations, dialogues and intrigues, I can’t really say that I follow.

But when things are happening, they really are happening! About halfway through this book I got so surprised at the turn of events that I was almost speechless. I had to really bite my tongue not to spoil anything to my boyfriend (who only saw the first season of the tv series but enjoyed it a lot). And from there, it just kept going. It was exciting and the last 15 hours or so went by really fast.

This 6th instalment of the series came with a great introduction of previous events and you as a listener was right on track from the start. And something that annoyed me was Kate Reading pronouncing Moghadien’s name differently from previous books. Oh well. I got used to it in the end.

Even if the series has slowed down a bit, it is super eventful at times and I generally really like this story and am very curious as to where it will continue. I have heard great things of the ending and can’t wait until I get there. It is a great story, and overall, it is a 4. I honestly have some trouble keeping the books apart since I’m listening to all of them back to back and have been for the past almost 2 years.

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