I am a lucky person

I am very restrictive with how many showers I take per week. That kind of sounds bad, haha. Of course I shower when I need it, every couple of days or three or more often when needed, but I have learned through the years that if I shower too often my hair actually gets greasier.

Today was an exception, I actually had two showers. Both Jesper and I were off work today so we went on a long walk downtown, playing Pokemon Go. We are both exhausted now after walking for so many hours and even walking home over the bridge. Just before going home, when finishing off a Raid, standing on the middle of the square in front of the train station I felt something heavy hit my head. A fucking bird pooped on my head!! And not little either! Soooooo nasty. It’s crazy how good they are at aiming.

This reminded me of 2013 when I lived in San Diego and always got pooped on by the pelicans. One day even three times! I must be a crazy lucky person, right? Jesper told me he had never been pooped on ever in his life. I have lost count. The earliest I can remember was in middle school when I was waiting to go through the door to the wood carving class and I got a poop on my shoulder. Ew.

I actually bought a lottery ticket today, but I think I made the mistake of paying for it with our card which we have in common. I didn’t win anything. I think you say people who get pooped on by birds are lucky so they won’t feel so bad…

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