Description of my book

This is a hard task, to write an intriguing description of my book, without spoiling anything. I think I have kind of a complicated story (Well, I don’t think so, everything is very clear and well-connected in my head, not leaving any loose threads anywhere, but my boyfriend says otherwise everytime I try to explain something).

Anyway, here comes the first official description of my book:

The main character wakes up on a tropical island. She remembers nothing about who she was before the day she woke up on the beach. As she settles in and lives in harmony among the innocent wildlife that the island offers, the question to who she used to be is not bothering her as much. Months later, on one very clear day, she discovers a hazy line on the horizon. Land. That view triggers her dormant curiosity and she believes that if she reaches that land, she will finally get answers to all of her questions.

Her journey takes her to all the territories this world consists of, each one more magical and dangerous than the last. She is encouraged to always keep on going north, never skip an obstacle and to follow her heart. No matter what.

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