Five chapters

The last few days I have written so much. Three days ago I was home alone for the evening and wrote 4 pages in word! Up to a total of 14 written pages. I went to bed pretty late, but I was in such a good flow, words just came flowing out of my fingers and I finally wrote an end to chapter three, which I yesterday changed to chapter four (I divided it, it made more sense). I sent it to my mom and am awaiting her response if the suspense at the end is good or not. It feels decent at least.

And yesterday I wrote chapter five in one go, it was a short one, but it is fitting, there are some mystique, leaving some unanswered questions to caption the interest of the reader.

Total page number in Word: 16
Printed pages: ~25

I will post a description of the plot, without spoilers, eventually. It is hard to try to make it sound interesting without telling the whole thing. Not much will be revealed during the story, but will come at the end. I will think about it, and get back to you with it!

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