A summer day

Summer in Sweden can be amazing. But honestly, it has sucked so far! The weather has been horrible and there has only been one good thing about it so far, and that can’t be taken away. That the sun is up until 11pm.

It has been extremely windy for several weeks now. Jeans and a jacket is neccessary. The rides at Liseberg are not functioning properly. I don’t care about being tan anymore, but I do care about feeling the warmth of the sun. This summer has made me miss California more than usually.

Yesterday we got a glimpse of the Swedish summer. Both Jesper and I had a day off work so we borrowed my mom’s car and drove out to his mom in Lerum. It was sunny, but hazy, barely no wind. They have a house right next to the forest and a woodland lake. We played games, kubb and krockett. We had the “Swedish fika” out on their porch. Jespers younger sister even went swimming in another big lake nearby. We didn’t bring any swimwear so we watched and enjoyed the calm and beautiful view. We ended the evening with barbecue. It was a nice day!

Here is a link to a 360 picture I took of the woodland lake right behind their house.

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