New eReader

Like I wrote in my previous post, the warranty did not cover the supposed self-inflicted pressure-related damage to my Kobo Glo HD so they would not fix it nor give me a new one. So I had to buy one. And the only one similar was Kobo Aura ed. 2. Yesterday it was delivered to the store and I picked it up.

It looks very similar and the case is really nice. If I hold my boyfriends Glo HD up next to Aura ed. 2 it looks a little bit more grainy, but not too much. It actually also feels faster. Maybe my Kobo Glo HD was old and slow, but I had to press turn a page when I was about half a row away from being finished with the page. This one goes almost instantanously. And that’sgood! I miss the Glo, but I think I will be satisfied with Aura too.

It is a leathery-looking/feeling case which holds together with magnets. It also instantaneously goes from sleep mode and vice versa when you close and open it. Super convenient.

It is obviously already full of cat hair, can’t be avoided with two furballs spreading their love everywhere.

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