Kobo Aura 2nd ed.

Today I got the verdict from the store where I bought my Kobo Glo HD. They claimed that it was a pressure-related self-inflicted damage so the warranty was not covering it. I honestly got really upset and spent a lot of time in that store complaining and explaining that it had worked just fine until I plugged it in to my computer when the screen divided itself into four.

I have seen different types of screens crack before, and usually if there is some pressure on it, the damage happens instanenously, it seems to go outside the laws of physics if it all of a sudden had an incubation time!

I feel robbed. I did nothing wrong but took great care of it after accidently drowing my previous one, it still looked new after 1.5 years. Now I have to buy a new one just because the warranty does not cover extraordinary things. The only e-reader similar in size and prize and technical aspects is Kobo Aura 2nd ed, but it is not HD and I am afraid that it will look grainy when reading on it.

The guy in the store felt some sympathy I guess, since he gave me 230:- discount out of good will. I feel bad for my bad temper, I know what it is like to work in service and I am embarassed, but it is stupid that I won’t get shit for this, when I have no idea what happened.

It was not available in the store, so he ordered it for me, I guess it will take a couple of days. Too bad for my reading stats, since I haven’t checked in forever I have no idea what it can be. Too bad.

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