R.I.P. Kobo Glo HD

Today was a sad day. Completely out of nowhere my Kobo Glo HD died. Or three quarters of it. Last night it was working perfectly fine when I was reading. It was looking fine all day, but the second I connected it to my computer to transfer a couple of new books it looked like this. It looks like the pixels on three quarters of the screen died or froze or something. It works in the bottom left corner but that’s not enough.

I had only had it for 1.5 years after accidently drowning my old Sony PRS T2 in water in my gym bag when the bottle was leaking. Anyway, I left my Kobo at the store where I bought it today, hopefully the warranty will make them fix it or worst case scenario, give me a new one. But it will be another one since Glo HD is not selling anymore. I hope they can fix it so I get to keep all my reading stats. Let’s all cross our fingers for the little guy!

It is a good thing that my boyfriend has one too so I can use that one for the next three weeks (tops).

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