The Wedding Ringer

This day started horribly, but turned better. My classes went well, Toby joined me for my German class and really enjoyed it, and so did the teacher. I love my German teacher, he is the best! Then I had a late lunch with Toby out in the sun at the UU Plaza, and then an hour of working on a Public Transportation project. The presentation is next Thursday and the report is due the week after. We did most of the presentation today, feels great!

Back home, had dinner and then watched a couple of episodes of The 100 and used Uber for the first time. Great idea with private taxi drivers. Toby and I went to the movies to see The Wedding Ringer, better than I expected. Probably nothing I would pay money for to see at the movies, but it was student price Thursday and it was fun to go out for a bit.

Now I will go to bed, with an empty mind (no school things to do this weekend, yay!) and go for a run with Toby tomorrow when I wake up without an alarm. Some VS shopping with my roomies after that and bowling in the evening, a good start on this weekend!


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