Week 2 = studying?

Today has been all about studying. And I wonder why, this is beginning of week 2, there shouldn’t be anything to study this early! I have seriously been studying non-stop since I got out of class today at 3pm and I just stopped. I took an hour break when I had dinner, but that was it. I had stuff to do in all of my three classes, I had a lot of reading (which took like two hours today since I was super tired and couldn’t really focus) and a quiz which I then summarized in my “questions” document in Urban Planning. Then I had a huge German homework where I first conjugated ten verbs and then tried to find ten sentences on Bild.de and change them into both future tense and past tense. Toby (my German friend who is super bored right now and helps me correct my homeworks) told me that was a very difficult homework. It took a long time too. In the middle of it we were forced to take a break because the stupid fire alarm went off. I never saw any notes in the building about a drill, but when we got out, the police officer told us about important stuff when the alarm goes off and no fire truck came. This fire alarm is the worst ever, it is super loud and actually hurts my ears.

I had mushroom soup for dinner and watched an episode of The 100 and then started working on my Public Transportation presentation/report. I wrote a whole page, which is basically all I have to do. Tomorrow I am meeting up with one of my group members to go through our part of the presentation which is the future of San Diego’s public transit. It’s pretty interesting.

Even if I am not super into going to school, being here at Cal Poly is really something I needed. I see connections in all my classes here (maybe not German). I never did that in Sweden so this last year actually feels meaningful. And it is a bit funny that the one class I like most is the one not counting towards my major, the German class. I really like it and I already feel like I know more than I did a week ago. This week we’ve been learning about the past and the future, I have never learned that before. Progress!

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