Every day life nowadays

There is not much going on right now more than work. Yesterday I was at Balderado again and had Spinrock most of the day. What’s so boring with Balderado is that all my three attractions down there are single manned. Spinrock is supposed to be double during the busiest times of the summer, but not quite yet.

Today I was at Berget and had a very chill 8-hour day. A lot of AtmosFear and Lisebergshjul. 1,5h of Uppswinget (I like that one) and closed Höjdskräcken for the third time in a row. That one is very nice to close. Today there were hardly any people the last 30 minutes.

Tomorrow is my Friday and I so look forward to having some time off. I will most likely be at Berget again since I start 12:50 and none of my attractions at Balderado are open at that time. Nice for me!

I tried once again to call the gynecologist I went to do the PAP smear and they are still unreachable. So I called a central number, made an appointment for a second PAP smear on September 2nd. But I need to get into contact with someone who knows about this, and not just administration. The woman told me it was very important that I know what I need to do. So at 8am on Thursday I need to go there and physically talk to the gynecologist. I hope they know what I should do because of my upcoming year abroad. Maybe I can do all the necessary things over there?

Time to go to bed, I need to get up at 9 to study some…

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