Sunny Gothenburg

Even with the relief of not having cancer I am still tired. The honeymoon phase of working at Liseberg is over and I’ve started to see it as a job. I still enjoy it a lot, but it’s easier to get tired. 6 days in a row, long and late hours. You definitely feel that.

I had the test at Uppswinget today and passed it galantly. After closing Höjdskräcken today again I found out that I will have the test at Ponnykarusellen tomorrow, which means I will be at Balderado. Maybe I will get Balder as well? I had 3,5 hours at Höjdskräcken today, which is A LOT. You are always alone on that attraction and with few guests at Liseberg it was pretty lonely. I was surprised, it was a Sunday and amazing weather. But the day went by pretty fast and now I will watch the second episode of The 100 and the sleep like a rock for many hours. Tomorrow morning before work I will start studying for the reexam in August. Yay…

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