The thesis can go f itself….

I don’t understand what our examinator is doing. Today we got our thesis report back again for like the sixth time with new comments. This was supposed to be done two weeks ago but since they are too lazy to read the whole thing through every time they just give us a few comments here and there every time and completely new things every time we get it back. I am so sick and tired of this now! I don’t have time for this bullshit, I have a full time job with shitty hours, I have an exam I need to prepare for for the fourth time, I have to get this precancer thing under control and after all that I don’t have any freetime. In our examinators  latest email she said that a full time job (40h week) should give us plenty of time to still work on the thesis. What she doesn’t know is that one of us is working in another city and the other works late evenings and can’t get up early to work before work. I am not a machine!!

So, here we are again, tons of comments to change and the examinator goes on vacation now to come back for four days in July. If this doesn’t get approved soon I won’t get CSN next year and that will probably mean I can’t go back to the US…

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