A new area at Liseberg

The day when I left “Berget” on Liseberg has come. I was a bit disappointed when I didn’t see my name on the list this morning. It turned out that I got my second area as a Poolare; “Balderado”. It was the area I wanted as my second area so I am not complaining. But I have to say that I miss the people on the mountain. The people at Baldorado is nice too, but Berget will always be my home area. First I got an introduction on Kristall Salongen whichis basically just a house of mirrors and a glass labyrinth. The intro was five minutes long and when that was done I had passed the test. It was the easiest attraction ever. I just have to sit and check tickets. After that we went to Spinrock which is a big spinning swing with a round gondola. It is awful, even worse than AtmosFear. But to work on it was okay. I was on there for the rest of the day, all of my 6 hours today.

The only problem today was the weather. It was raining the whole day and everything got soaked again. And by everything I mean my feet. I hate having wet feet!

The day was over pretty fast which was nice. I went home to mom, she had a surprise for me apparently. And I realized when she texted me that I haven’t seen her in a very long time. It’s been three busy weeks with exams, thesis, work and Cal Poly preparations. She had bought a case to my phone for me. Very nice of her and well needed for my poor phone. We talked for a bit but I couldn’t stay very long, I needed dinner.

For dinner I made spaghetti with bacon/feta/meatsauce. Really good as usual, and my dinner company agreed.

It is really late now and I have a long day ahead of me. Ten hours! But it is a holiday so I will get 50% extra paid. Not complaining! I will probably be on Balderado tomorrow again for my test on Spinrock and then get Ponnykarusellen. On Sunday I will probably be back on Berget. I look forward to that! I won’t get Helix. It had a break tonight and apparently that was a big one and the supervisors aren’t sure when it will be back in action. It’s okay though. I’ve gone on it and I like AtmosFear, Lisebergshjulet and Höjdskräcken.

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