15,500 steps

I brought a pedometer to work today, and after a ten hour work day I took 15500 steps. That’s pretty amazing! But I am not surprised my feet feel like they are flat.

I wasn’t at Baldorado today, but back on Berget. And I had Helix on my schedule. But that of course was a big error. I can’t work there and cover my own position without the introduction. I wonder when I will get that. The reason they thought I already had had the introduction was because I was supposed to have had it by now. It was a pretty okay day anyway. I wasn’t that much on AtmosFear, but spent a lot of time on Lisebergshjulet and Höjdskräcken instead. I actually closed Höjdskräcken all by myself. It was my first closing! It went well and there were hardly any people the last hour, so I let people ride it again and again. There was one guy who had never been on a free fall before and was nervous. When I closed the attraction he had gone on it probably four times in a row. He was so happy after that he gave me a big hug and thanked me for something. I actually don’t know what. I guess I opened his eyes or something. It was fun!

I don’t like this circadian (=dygnsrytm?) I have now. I get home almost at midnight when I get off at 11pm and when I do get home I have the munchies and just can’t stop eating. At least I am not eating candy, but I have the perfect oppurtunity to lose weight now with this walking-a-lot-job and I feel like I am wasting it. The best would be if I could just go to bed right when I got home, but that is also weird, I need to relax for a bit before I can go to bed… I hope I will get used to this pretty soon.

I can say now, that I won’t post anything tomorrow. I’ll be out partying with my new colleagues 🙂

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