Thesis hand in

We handed in our final version of the thesis report today! And the feeling of relief is indescribable. It might still come back as a “no pass”. But if that is the case, then the examinator must have been in a bad mood when she read it through. It can’t be that hard to fail a report you have handed in and changed several times and that you can only pass or fail. I am sure it will go well. We did put a lot of effort into this report and it isn’t that bad anymore if I myself can say that.

The last few adjustments took four hours and after that I had a nice nap and then it was time for a 6 hour day at Liseberg. It was a nice but weird day. No Helix today either. I only had AtmosFear and Lisebergshjulet. Super chill! I love to work on AtmosFear but hate going on it. The weird part was the weather! One moment it was sunny, then it was raining, then it was pouring, then it was sunny and so on. Super annoying! The worst was when I was on AtmosFear when it seriously poured down like in a shower. It was ridiculous! I think some people were in the middle of the ride when it started. Poor people. And I was surprised when more people wanted to go on it, even if it rained like hell. I also felt sorry for myself that I needed to be out in the rain checking the safety things. We had raincoats to wear though, but we looked like mass murderers in them. Black, long coats with a big hood. My gloves were soaked through after one ride and my fingers were like raisins a short while later. Awful! The worst thing was probably the wet shoes that stayed wet through the rest of the day. Gross!

I got off at 11pm, shut down AtmosFear for the first time and then missed my trams home so I didn’t get home until midnight. And tomorrow I am working from 10:50am. It’s not very fun to work early after a late evening. But I get off at 6pm so that’s nice at least!

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