Thesis presentation at Veidekke

The thesis is a day away from being finished. I can really see the light at the end of the tunnel now! This morning we presented our thesis at Veidekke and they were satisfied and liked it. They gave us a lot of tough questions, but in general they liked it and told us they were gonna use the template for their next environmental review this year. But it was just a proposal so they will probably have to change it and then update it eventually. It felt really good afterwards!

The next thing on the days agenda was the opposition on another thesis. It also went well so the last thing we need to check off the thesis list is the report. We will write on it tomorrow morning and hand it in as soon as we are done. Exciting! In 15 hours I will be done with my thesis, such an awesome feeling. (well, if it gets approved, but I would doubt it, it feels like they are stricter now and pointing out everything they find is wrong or should be improved, but in the end it is just pass/fail so I think it will be fine).

Right after the opposition I walked home to Chad who has the luxury of living three minutes from campus. Together we walked down to Liseberg. We were there the whole afternoon going on rides. I felt sick after most of them, even with the motion sickness pill. We went on Balder, Kanonen, FlumeRide, Lisebergshjulet, Höjdskräcken, AtmosFear and Helix. My first time on Helix (the brand new rollercoaster) I sat in the front. It was a really good rollercoaster, but I felt sick after and rested in the Lounge, our break room. I’m not sure I was allowed in there when I wasn’t working. But I really needed to sit down without any people around. We actually went on it again, but not in the front. Both times we skipped the line though. Perks of being a Liseberger.

AtmosFear wasn’t as bad as I remembered. It was awful going up on it, I was almost panicking. But I survived and wasn’t feeling that bad afterward. The pill I took made me feel really bad and extremely tired though so we just sat down and had a small dinner at Trebello and then went home. It is still very light out and almost 10pm. It is okay to go to bed, but because of the light it doesn’t feel like it… But I can’t keep my eyes open, so I will go to bed, read two pages, and then prepare for a really long day tomorrow! First thesis writing, then work until 11pm. I look forward to work again, in this stage of my life I think I prefer to work on the attractions instead of going on them.

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