Gym membership

Two days and I haven’t even thought about updating the blog. It’s not that I’ve done a lot of things.

On Monday I bought a six months membership at Fysiken Gym and went to two classes with mom. First some weird stretching with a foam roll. That hurt, and not in a good way, so I probably won’t do that anytime soon again. At least not until I know how to do it correctly.

Right after we did a Body Control class. You have a pilates ball and then use it to work on the inner muscles in your core. It feels kina ridiculous jumping around on it, but I am still sore, two days later.

Yesterday I had lunch at Chalmers with Hanna and the two other people who are going to CalPoly with me. Hanna talked about a lot of things and I don’t remember it all. But I don’t need to think about that much right now. I just have to finish my application so I can hand it in tomorrow.

Last night I realized I don’t want to go home during Christmas. Johanna wanted to go to Hawaii, but I don’t want to go there again, so I decided I want to go to the Caribbean instead. I have a lot of ideas, but can’t decide just yet. Jamaica, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Cuba? It’s not easy!

This morning I had a meeting with Chalmers about my thesis. It went well and I have now a much better idea of what to do. And I’m guessing it will be a lot clearer on Monday when we will talk to Veidekke again. I and Johan went through everything after the meeting, came up with a rough time plan and a description of the project. I think we will manage to do this!

I am tired now, I just had lunch, and am watching TV shows. I’ll probably take a nap…

Rainy and foggy The weather’s been awful since I came home. One or two days was pretty okay with a little sun. This is depressing!

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