Stupd cmputer

1 am prbably n0t gnna update th1s bl0g f0r a wh1le nw. Ths mrnng my computer decded t shut ff sme f the keys n my keybard and 1 am really upset abut t. S0 1 wll sk1p y0ga tmrrw and g0 t0 1net and ask them 1f they can help me, therwse ‘ll have t buy a new computer whch s a bt exctng t be hnest.  Ths ne’s 4 years ld s0 1t’s almst abut tme t0 get a new ne. ‘ve fund ne that 1 want, but that means 1 wuld have t0 brrw mney. Whch  1 wll need t0 d0 anyway fr the Calfrna taxes… and prbably rent…

Stupd computer!

(the keys 1 can’t use are: i and o, backspace, ctrl, and mst f the numbers. Extremely rrtatng)

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