I forget so many things that I should write about that are actually important. For example, I got my grade on my German class and I was a little bit surprised to be honest. I got an A+! Since I was a little bit sloppy on my homeworks I was expecting like a B. I know the grade doesn’t matter but it still feels very good to have a good grade.

The other big thing that I forgot to write about yesterday was that I and my thesis partner got an offer from a company! It feels so good to have the thesis worked out. And it is a really interesting one. We are gonna make a model for more efficient data collecting before calculation of environmental effects at Veidekke. Now I just hope that everything will work out with CSN too so I can keep my apartment.

This day was very short, like almost every day.  In the morning I finished unpacking and now I can start my normal life again. My next big project is to wrap all my Christmas gifts. I have one more to buy but I better start wrapping them before the kids accidently find them in my room.

For dinner I cooked fishpudding and it might have been the third last night I will cook in this family. Next week is Christmas Eve, the week after that is New Years Eve and then it’s the 7th and 14th left before I leave. The boy requested homemade pizza next time. A very good idea since I’ve only made that once this year.

Last night I went to the new Cheesecake Factory in Escondido to say another goodbye.  It feels like there is so many hellos and goodbyes this year. This time it was Christin who was going back home. She is really sweet and I will miss her. But my plan is to go to Germany next year and visit her and Sarah! For once I didn’t have any cheesecake. Unbelievable, I know…

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