A warm winter day

Tonight I had another dream about Sweden. But this time I was back for good and I was happy about it. But very confused. I was running around on Korsvägen in the middle of Gothenburg. It was right after I had landed and I have no idea what I was doing up and running after 30h of travelling… The horrible part about this dream, as one I had earlier, was that I couldn’t remember anything about my trip to Hawaii (the first time I dreamt that I was back in Sweden and forgot to go there). Stupid dreams.

It was really warm today, like 85F (29C). I was supposed to change my Abercrombie dress and then unpack. But it was too nice outside so I spent a couple of hours at the pool instead. I read some and have now read like 80 pages in Divergent. It’s not at all like I expected, but it is good.

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