Beer party in Oceanside

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I had a really great time last night. A couple from beach volleyball were having a beer party because the husband works at Stone Brewery. I don’t like beer but they had cider, it was such a long time ago I drank that. Some people from beach volleyball were there and they were the only ones I talked to, boring me. But it was really nice because you don’t really have time to talk to people when you’re at the beach playing. Several thought that I should have like a goodbye dinner before I leave in a month (in just a month I will be on Hawaii!!). So I will have to pull something together for them too. Don’t know if it will be too many for a dinner or maybe we should just go to a bar since everyone is over 21. I have been thinking about having a goodbye evening with them too and when they suggested it too I have to do it.

It was cold but that didn’t stop me from sitting outside talking to Mary and watching the guys play basketball on the court in their backyard. After a while I was forced to play 3 on 3. I have no idea how to play that so I thought I was gonna stand on the side for a while and watch and I couldn’t figure out how it was played. I wasn’t very drunk but two glass of cider is probably the nicest explanation. I thought they were playing three teams and I couldn’t figure out why one person was passing to more than one person. I asked Chad why he passed more players than was in his team and he answered that he just passed to the ones in his team. And then it occurred to me, aha, they are two teams. Gaah, I feel stupid. So after that I played a game to five and I was really bad at it. I scored one point though, but I couldn’t guard Chad, he was too fast and too silent for me to follow. But he cheered me on every time I got the ball and encouraged me to shoot. It was really fun!

During the evening I saw two shooting stars! I just love that! I can’t remember seeing shooting stars more than once in Sweden, but since October I’ve seen it twice! That’s another thing I will miss when I leave this place, the starlit sky every evening and the upside down moon…


This morning I got awoken in the best possible way. Breakfast in bed. I can’t remember ever getting that except this year’s birthday and maybe some birthdays when I was young. I was so happy and surprised. So very sweet of Chad :).

Rest of the day was spent in bed watching football and the evening was spent with Lovisa and Johanna in Del Mar eating Panda Express, Chinese fastfood. Yummy!

Now it’s really late so I don’t have time to start fixing up in my room, but I did get a lamp in here, it would have been pitch dark otherwise. Tomorrow the unpacking will start!

X-mas decorated houseThis is a christmas decorated house where Johanna lives. Crazy Americans!

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