December 18th

Another day just completely gone. It feels like I wake up, work for a while, and then it’s time to go to bed, and then up the next morning to work again. I can’t really say it is a routine though, everyday now in the floor change chaos is different but that is a good thing. A change of routines is good.

I finally answered some emails during my freetime. I’ve been so bad at answering them this year… I took a long nap after that and I think I actually could sleep for a while even with all the noise around me. My hostdad picked up the girl after school so I just had to pick up the boy. At home I tried doing some spelling with him and it didn’t work at all today. Some days he doesn’t misspell a single word. So we took a break, played that Star Wars Lego game I bought for him a year ago (which by the way is really fun, kinda like chess but with more action and killing) and after that he did really well on the rest of the spelling for the day. He has a big test on Friday so I’m trying to prepare him as much as possible, he forgets so easily. It’s hard trying to get a seven year old to do something well when he really doesn’t want to do it but still does it. My patience is pretty awesome after this year!

Tonight I sent in a part time job application to Cultural Care. I’m not sure they are looking for a recruiter right now in Gothenburg, but I might as well ask them if they have something. That would be such an awesome part time job while I’m doing my thesis!

It’s a week left until Christmas today and I really can’t believe it!! I didn’t wrap anything today, that’s tomorrow’s project.

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