This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Today was super chaotic too, there was a time during the day when it was really hard getting in and out of the house because of all the plastic everywhere. It’s a very good thing there is stone floor that we are gonna keep. But the floor and tiny stair right inside the front door is now gone and so is the floor in the dining room. Concrete everywhere and it so reminds me of my internship at the City Library last year. I almost missed it a little bit.

Since pretty much the whole first floor was off limits we couldn’t eat breakfast as usual so we had breakfast at Starbucks. I had my usual, a tall non fat chai latte. Yummy! I only ordered it because it was freezing today, ugh!

I spent my morning at home, skyping with mom for a long time. I am worried about where I’m gonna live when I come back. My dad said that he could clean out the small bedroom in his apartment and that is very nice of him. But what I miss most about Sweden is to have my own place, and it wouldn’t feel like my own place with all of his stuff still there. I can’t stay at mom’s because Felix lives there now. Why did he have to break up with his girlfriend in the beginning of the year? It totally ruined my plans to live with mom next year… My last resort is my own apartment, which I love and miss and really want to move back into in March. But then there’s the money problem. How will I afford to pay rent? My grandma was really nice and offered to lend me some money and it wouldn’t be so much because I will get 75% study loans, and just four like three, four tops, months. I am seriously considering it. So if I just get some help in the spring and I find myself a job for the summer, then I won’t have any problems with the rent. I didn’t last fall when I was working full time. And I would probably be able to save some, I can’t really say that I want to shop when I go back to expensive Sweden. And that money would be well needed if I were to move to San Luis Obispo in August. I would save way more if I would live in my dad’s apartment. But I really want my apartment. I can’t decide what to do. It would be nice with money and it would just be for six months, because then I will either move across the Atlantic Ocean again or I will have enough money to move back into my awesome apartment. Or I can continue to live like a poor person and be happy in my own apartment again. Stupid decisions! If anyone has comments about this issue, please help me!

My afternoon was pretty lazy, the girl didn’t want to be in the house so she had a playdate. The boy and me did some homework, then a friend came over and I cooked dinner. They removed the plastic so we can use the kitchen again. My dinner tonight was probably the best one I did this year. Baconwrapped chicken with pasta and a warm and creamy avocado sauce. So incredibly delicious! I have to make that avocado sauce more often, so easy and so good!

I forgot to write a super cute thing yesterday. When I picked up the boy from school it was just him and me and I could tell that when he said “Alexandra?” I knew he was gonna say something that was hard for him telling. He continued “I don’t know how to say this, and it is kinda embarrassing but sometimes my peepee goes through the hole on the side of my underwear and it feels weird.”  He also stuttered like he was nervous and that was so cute. I said it’s totally normal and that he could just go to the bathroom and make everything right. Then he said: “But when I’m at home I don’t have to go to the bathroom to do it!” and sounded really happy. Haha, cutie!

My room My room…Kitchen/living room

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