A dream of Sweden

No big change on the situation in the house. There was one man here today I think, who did something, but I can’t see what it was. Well, except that he took away a part of the carpet from my room and that half the garage is now full of boxes full of hardwood floors. I’ve heard they are gonna start putting them in tomorrow. Exciting!

I have a feeling my room won’t be available until next week though.

It’s not often nowadays that I remember the dreams I have during the night. But this morning I did, and I still do. It was a rather pleasant dream which gives me hope! I dreamt that I was back in Sweden and I was really happy about it. In my dream though I was only there for a week, which is a little bit odd since I’m going home for good in less than 9 weeks.

Except that our house is a bit of a mess it was a very normal day with homework, playdates and some reading on my part. I think I made a promise to the girl that I have to finish all the Divergent books before I leave in six weeks. That means that I first have to finish the Infernal Devices series (1.5 book left) and then those three thick books. It is a lot of pages! If I don’t finish them before leaving the girl said she would spoil the ending, haha!

I guess I have to stop writing and start reading now then.

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