This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

These next upcoming weeks (hopefully just two!) will be seriously chaotic. One day is over and it’s a complete mess. Almost the whole first floor has no floor any longer, it’s just concrete except in the hall where we have stone floor and the dining room which they will take later I guess.

My freetime was spent at IKEA with Lovisa and we bought tickets for the Julbord on December 13th. It’s me, her, Cati and Chad who are going. That will be very nice and it will be so good with a little bit of Sweden in times like these (Christmas) when you kinda, a little miss home. We walked around and felt at home for a while before having lunch. Not meatballs, because today is one of my 500-days. So I had half a Chicken Waldorf Wrap again. It is too good!

When I came home it was a total mess. Plastic was covering the kitchen door and the opening by the stairs. So if you’re flexible enough you could carefully climb past it and go upstairs. Since we didn’t have access to the kitchen I had to go to Starbucks with the boy after I dropped the girl off at home to wait for her friend, so I could drive them to soccer practice. They had their snacks outside because it was so loud indoor.

I drove them to the practice and then to my German class where a test awaited me. I was really early so I wrote a new draft for my Liseberg application, this time short and mostly about why I’m perfect for the job. I sent the file to my brother, I hope he can give me some advice. I really want that job!!

I studied a little before class started, but that was unnecessary because the teacher had a wuick review before the test. She is too nice. It was an easy test except for the second last exercise. I hope I did it correctly, otherwise it will be many errors… I didn’t like class today, my head just wasn’t in it. And we did grammar with nominative and accusative. I don’t even remember what that means! I think it pretty much means that “der” becomes “den” and “ein” “einen” or something like that. German grammar is so complicated! But if I just don’t stop learning it, it will become easier. I already don’t have any troubles at all with the verb endings (to do: ich mache, du machst, er/sie/es macht, wir machen, ihr macht, sie machen). Unfortunately I see myself having troubles with time when I’m back in Sweden. I will write my thesis, hopefully start working at Liseberg at the end of April on the weekends, and play beach volleyball if I can afford it. Evening classes with German might be too much, but we’ll see. I don’t wanna give up now.

When I came home from class the plastic was gone and I could see the rest of the house. It’s empty. I hope I will get my room back soon. But until then I’m sleeping in the guestroom like a princess on two mattresses in the couch. I have it pretty good up here. It’s not gonna be as pleasant for the rest of the family when they all have to live in the guestroom when I have my room back…

We are not gonna be able to have breakfast in the house tomorrow, so I think my hostmom will take the kids somewhere and buy them prepared lunchboxes. I don’t remember if we will be able to use the kitchen in the evening.

Under construction No floor

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