8 weeks until Hawaii

That also means only 8 more weeks here in San Diego. I feel ready to go home, because I’ve done everything I could that was in my budget and timeframe (except Hawaii). But I don’t wanna go home. Well, I do, but San Diego is so much more pleasant than cold and raw Sweden. But Sweden is home… Mixed feelings, oh yes! I know 8 weeks sounds like plenty of time, but it’s really not. In just 10 days December will be here.

Today was pretty normal. In my freetime I went to the gym and did one hour of spinning. I love  Wednesdays. The instructor has good music and a lagom tempo. But I think I need to have at least one more gear than he says, because it was pretty easy today.

For lunch I had my hostmom’s meatsauce leftovers from the weekend (when I wasn’t here). Words can’t describe what I feel about that dish, it’s my favorite food, maybe of all times! I love it!!

I picked up the boy and then the girl right after at one of her friends’ house. We went to Starbucks, we haven’t really been there lately because of weird schedules. Since I would go to Starbucks again tonight to study I just had a tea. I had no idea what they had so I just took something she recommended. It was just normal tea. Next time I take normal tea I will have the Passion Brewed Tea with hibiscus, lemongrass, rose hips, mango and passion fruit. It sounds really good. And zero calories. The girl tried Caramel Brulée Frapuccino. It was really good, so I have to try the Latte sometime soon. Starbucks has a lot of Holiday specials right now and of course I feel that I have to try them all. They have Gingerbread Latte, Eggnog Latte (I’ve never tried eggnog, so that will be interesting), Caramel Brulée Latte and Peppermint Latte. I’ve tried the later tonight when I went there to do my German homework. It was not good. It was okay, but I wouldn’t take it again, the Pumpkin Spice Latte was way way better.

In the afternoon I did a lot of homework with the boy and when he after that went to the neighbor for a playdate I read some while the girl was away on soccer practice.

Half the week is already gone and Thursday and Friday always goes faster than the first three days. Soon I will have a long weekend while the family is in San Francisco. I think I’m only working on Wednesday, maybe Tuesday too, next week. But I’m not complaining. It will be very nice with a little time off, just being here in San Diego, chilling :).

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