Thesis planning

I found out last week that I am qualified enough (because of my internship last fall at the construction company) to do my thesis before I finish my last year at Chalmers. That made me so happy because that means that I don’t have to wait forever and ever with writing it (I’m not gonna be able to write it if I do the exchange program here in USA). So I have a partner and now we just have to do all the preparations via FB and e-mail, first of all find a company (cross my fingers for the one I worked at last year). If we do that we are good to go right when I get back to Sweden. I’m not sure how much time of the week that would take, or if I have to get a part time job at the same time so I can earn some money. Or if the thesis and that class I’ve failed twice and need to retake, will be enough credits for CSN to give me allowance and loans. CSN is so confusing, but I need all the money I can get when I get back so I have to figure it out somehow. I sent a new e-mail to the program director asking how much time per week this thesis thing will take. If I have time over I probably need to get a job, which I should apply for pretty soon.

Why is everything so complicated?? If I get accepted to this exchange program thingy I will have a lot of work with that next spring too. I will never be able to rest.

Today was a hectic day. I thought it was gonna be pretty much like a normal Tuesday. But no. The boy have early release day every day this week, so instead of picking up the girl first I have to pick him up first, and the girl really doesn’t like it when I have to pick her up with her brother by my side for some stupid reason. Today was fine though, hopefully she realizes that it’s only two more days of that. Because tomorrow they get out of school at exactly the same time and since I can’t be at two places at one time (which btw, would be awesome if I could) a friend of the girl’s mom have to pick her up. Anyway, then the soccer coach of the girl changed the practice from yesterday to today and I had to pick up another girl for carpooling and then drive to a completely new place. And then there was dinner. I had dinner with the boy, the girl had already eaten at practice, and at the end came the dad and after us came the mom and ate some. For dinner I made a chicken/bacon stew with apple cubes served with rice. It was really good and I hope I will remember this recipe for later occasions!

It was a crazy day and my guess is that the rest of the week will be pretty much the same.

After dinner I wrote an e-mail to my former employer at the construction company asking if they have something for me to do. My partner will read it through before I actually send it. I really hope we can do the thesis there. It would simplify my life so much!

Now I will go to bed and finish the last (there’s gonna be three more before the end of the year) novella I have in the Bane Chronicles and then start reading The Infernal Devices, a prequel to The Mortal Instruments. Reading is awesome!!

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